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  1. I would like to take the family to West Branch next Mon., Tues. & wed. Can anyone give any input on their campgroud? From their website it looks nice, electric hook-ups & sites that seem to be right on the lake. I'd like to pull our boat up to the site & leave it in the water if we can. Are these usually reserved in advance? Any info is appreciated. We'll have our dogs with us too.
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    Here's a campground map:



    It is a nice new campground. They redid it a couple of years ago. I don't know about any sites on the water where you can leave your boat. Looks like area 3 may be the best for that. Ask the people at the office when you arrive.
    Most lakeside sites are not reservable at other state parks I've stayed at. First come-first dibs. They have a new launch at the campground so if you have to load it onto the trailer every night, it will not be that big a deal.
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  3. Headed there this weekend. Most the camps are full this time a year but during the week. There are siteS for first come first serve but not on the water. I booked mine a month or so ago. Some people have the same site year after year. Got to get them EARLY!
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    i like this campground alot. if you are planning on going on a weekend, you better reserve a site. they have a full camp every weekend in the summer. westbranch was voted best customer satisfaction 3 years in a row. very nice shower houses too!
  5. I recently took my family to West Branch and was very impressed with the facilities and the camp sites. As others have mentioned you definately will want to book in advance in order to get the site you want.
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    West branch is good for one thing only. and that is for producing tons of muskie and bass. im almost afraid to throw a spinnerbait for bass anymore. but the campground is a great place to fish BEHIND. i catch lots of bass at this lake every time i go.
    ps. throw topwaters on the dam when the sun goes down and you will have a great time with smallmouth and largemouth.:D
  7. We actually drove up one evening to drive through the campground and pick the sites we liked so we could go back and reserve them online. If you are going on a M,T,W Site 184 may be open. That is #1 site in my book if you have a boat and don't want to take it out of the water each night. You can pull it into a little cove right by the ramp and tie up to a tree. You will be able to see your boat from your campsite. We are going the last weekend in July and were not able to get that site but did get one two down from it.

  8. I will be out there the 19th and 20th of July . We will be at camp site #162 by the
    new beach area. This site also has a boat stake and is close to the bathhouse.
  9. sorry about 184 for the last week of july ill be on that spot but you are right that circle on that side is the best for just beaching the boats we go up there 4 or 5 times a yr and have booked those same sites if your looking for another nice circle where u can keep your boat in the water check out sites 121 123 124 we have stayed on 124 quite a bit we have that one reserved for a fishing trip in april