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West Branch (saw rabbid musky, strange)

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Eliminator, Jun 17, 2007.

  1. I went out to try some tightlining last night and just got set up at around 8:45 sun just going down, what caught my eye was looked like a beaver swimming straight towards me, I could not beleive my eyes it was a darn musky and it just cruised right along side my anchored boat with it's eye's up out of the water, I swear the thing looked right at me then just kinda casually went under like a submarine, no spalsh or nothing like it wasn't even afraid of me. Anyone ever see this behavior, if that wasn't sick or something then I have a whole different respect for that species of fish. Man I'll never forget this experience!
  2. It was not sick, and it was not afraid of you. That is common to see, oftentimes they will do that with their mouth open, skimming along the top of the water.

  3. Muskies aren't afraid of anything. As far as they are concerned, they are the top of the food chain.
  4. Whaler

    Whaler Whaler

    Luredaddy is right. That is just normal procedure for a Muskie. I've seen it many times at West Branch. I asked the former Fish Management Supervisor years ago why they do that and he said " We don't know why they do it and they are the only fish that does."
  5. He must have been looking for you Luredaddy, when he saw it was only me he just cruised on. Seriously I'm thinking about why would this fish have beelined towards my boat he definately looked right at me, it was darndest think I've ever seen, maybe he associates boats=food from a past experience with Luredaddy.
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    vkutsch You scratched my anchor!

    I was sitting in my kayak one night talking to my mother in law (she was on their dock) when I look down in the water to see a 30 inch bowfin at water level just staring at me, inches away. We looked at each other for a while, then I turned around to get my pole, turned back, and it just glided off. That was interesting.
  7. That is normal for them to do that. I have seen them several times at Salt Fork doing the same thing. Dont know what makes them do it tho. Most of the time it is on the hottest days of the year. I have seen as many as 3 in one day, even with all the boat traffic on Salt Fork.
  8. That's why the figure 8 play at the boat is so effective.............

    The "baitfish" they are chasing begins scrambling when it gets close to a appears to be cornered...............the musky, afraid of nothing, sees it as an easy meal.............and will strike, even if there's two guys standing there waving their rods over it............they have no fear.
  9. I've heard of muskie anglers catching ski's in the propwash of the boat, trolling within 10-15 feet (or closer) of the motor running. At night, i have had walleye strike baits on flatlines 15-20 feet back, directly behind the boat. Muskie are quite a bit more aggressive than the eyes. Still it would be cool to see one crusing by like that.
  10. About 15 years ago there was guy in the fish n field that had a pic of his wife with one in the net. The muskie swam up to the boat and they netted it and took a photo! I know it's true because a week before that a buddie and me were crappie fishing there. Out of nowhere here comes this muskie ( it Was BIGGGG ) up to the boat! my buddie tried to grab it bare handed! He had it up in the air and lost it before I could get the net just to take a pic it was wild.:B
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    NewbreedFishing High Speed Angling

    we saw one out on lake erie last week nosing up like that. thought it was pike until we got near it...40"+ great lakes muskie. she was in real bad shape and right behind the wave of walleye boats.
  12. "I know it's true because a week before that a buddie and me were crappie fishing there. Out of nowhere here comes this muskie ( it Was BIGGGG ) up to the boat! my buddie tried to grab it bare handed! He had it up in the air and lost it before I could get the net just to take a pic it was wild."

    I HOPE YOU CARRY BAND AIDS..................Usually they're pretty tired after a 20 minute fight.........grabbing one one the prowl without tiring him out could be a bloody mess
  13. The fish was swimming with us! He cupped the fish with both hands! when the fish came out of the water all &)(* broke loose and with all the slim he lost it! No cuts or scrapes only us both soaked! We were young and stupid now that I look back on it!
  14. I was staying at a cottage on East harbor. There were a couple of us staying up late, fishing and enjoying adult beverages. We saw something cruising around. I thought it was a muskrat. It came close to the pier we were fishing from and somebody netted it. It was a 30"+ Northern Pike.

    The Northern lights were putting on a brillant show that night and somebody thought it was because of that. That they somehow caused the fish to act weird.

    And no, I wasn't drunk and the fish measured the same in the morning when we were all stone cold sober!
  15. My dad had one hit his boat at west branch. Just was swimming along, a dull thud, and then kept on going. He said it was pretty funny, actually.
  16. I lost about half a Walleye on a stringer to one at Pymie. During a quite drift we heard the smack of the metal stringer tighten up to the boat while noticing a small splash. Thought we drifted into a stump at first until we realized what had just happened. Never saw the fish but assume that's what it was. Who know's might have just been a cousin of nessie...
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  17. ....BUGS! I have read in some books and other places that pike and musky do, at times, feed heavily on insects and that some creel studies or whatever found them literally gorged on mayflies. If there was a particularly good hatch going on, it could have been just cruising picking up emergers the way a whale would swim through kryll. Just a theory. I'm still trying to catch one!
  18. Years ago the wife and I were fishing at Piedmont Lake and a mama and 5 baby racoons came down to the waters edge to drink n feed. Like an orca or something, this huge musky grabbed one a those baby coons and splash it was gone.
  19. Are you serious??? That's freaky as hell.

    About a year ago, we camped at Westbranch, and while we were letting the kids fish for bluegill, we saw something out on the lake, just cruising along. We couldn't tell what it was from a distance, but we assumed it was a muskrat or a beaver. Might have been a cruising muskie. Weird weird weird.
  20. TheSonicMarauder

    TheSonicMarauder Yes i slept on the couch

    its an alpha predator thing........... when something realizes that its the biggest baddest thing out there... it does what it likes without fear.... think sharks.... most shark attacks are actually "exploritory" bites to get a taste of the target to see if its edible... it cares nothing about what the target could do to it... it only cares if its good to eat or not because in its mind.... its the boss and nothing else comes close... it does what it wants when it wants... i do believe that freshwater predatory fish have this same capacity. when it gets to a certain size and it takes on a lifestyle where nothing is able to endanger its life, then it becomes fearless...... i think thats what happened with that muskie....i coulda cared less if you were godzilla, it was just curious and felt that it should give ya a looksie

    or i could be totally wrong..... dont quote me tho..... theres a good chance that im WAY off the point ;) but im a shark week Fin-atic(duh duh chhhhhhh lol) so im yer normal everyday armchair biologist

    speaking of shark week..... july 29th-aug 4th.... its the 20th anniversary and im proud to say.....ive seen every shark week :D