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West Branch Report 3/23

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by jetdrivr, Mar 23, 2005.

  1. Fished from shore under the Knapp Rd. Bridge and the Rock Springs Bridge today. No fish to report but it looks like only a few more days at the most for the ice-out. Most of the main lake appears clear with only one large area of ice that is really dark and rolling with the waves. A little more rain and some good wind and it should all be wide open. Looks like the lake is down about 4-5 feet gaging from the bridge supports water line.

    Stopped in to WB Tackle to meet the new owner but he had left for the day and his kid was watching the shop. The owner's son wasn't sure if the bait prices that were posted would stay the same or change (the price sign from last year was still hanging). Nice kid and I hope they do well there. Just happy somoene will be around to sell us beer and bait this year and hopefully for years to come.
  2. I am still thinking of heading out this weekend but I know JIG will keep my head on straight and tell me to wait till next week and better weather...
    THANKS for the report man...

  3. thanks for a REAL "ice out" report jet... 4 ft. down blows! hoping to hit knapp road area on sat.
  4. Im glad to hear someone is out there fishin also. Good days and bad days! :rolleyes: Looks like number two on my list of things to do next week.
    Berlin is open also but its way down. Dutch Harbor has its ramps in. ;) Numer one this weekend! :D
  5. crappielooker

    crappielooker The Corn Chucker

    i am wondering if any of you guys checked out the east ramp area?? i was kinda wonderin if its ice free yet??..
    thanks a bunch..
  6. I fished the knapp rd. gravel launch about 7 to 8 last night in the mist that was falling.....but it was nice i guess it coulda been nicer....

    just felt good to get the line in the water...and the level is slowly coming up.........

    those crappie should be biting any night now....

    and something big made a splash right next to me in real shallow water....pike ?...Musky ?...maybe one of them huge old stripers ?...

  7. I think we're a week or more away man...
    One good warm rain and couple days of 50's should do it :)
  8. I have a feeling we are about 2 to maybe 3 weeks behind the normal spring patterns. This winter has been a little rough.
  9. your prob right I am just trying to kid myself LOL
  10. Whaler

    Whaler Whaler

    West Branch is down 2.41 feet from normal Summer pool according to the Army Corps. of Engineers site at USACE LRP-WM Reservoir Report and Forecast
  11. Lewzer

    Lewzer Powderfinger

    The east ramp off of Cable Line was ice locked as of Tuesday afternoon as was the marina dock.:(

    From Rock Springs bridge east was total ice with 10-15' open around shore.
  12. well ain't that just fine and dandy...:(
    at least with it raining so much now maybe it won't during turkey season :)
  13. i say we all go out there with generator powered heat lamps, hair dryers, toasters, torches, magnifying glasses(when it's sunny), whatever it takes. i cant wait to get out on west brach and play with 1 of those mean ole toothy things! :D
  14. I didn't check the east ramp while I was out (sorry). I meant to bring my thermometer as well and check temps but that didn't make it into the vest. I have another 7 days of looking at these posts before I can (maybe) hit it again...bummer!! Oh, and the wife is due with our first child on the 30th so that may put a wrinkle in things for a little while too. But that's cool...I am really looking forward to it. Hope to have another fishing pal someday soon.
  15. crappielooker

    crappielooker The Corn Chucker

    jetdrivr.. looks like you will have a fishin pal soon enough..say the congrats on your baby.. dont forget the snoopy pole.. :D
    im hoping west branch will be open by next couple of weeks..
  16. Thanks Crappielooker. Yeah, I'm looking forward to teaching a little one to fish.
  17. heyjay

    heyjay Where's the fish ?

    My pops and I went out to Knapp road friday. The water is still down and still no hits. We dropped some minnows under the bridge with no luck. Then we waded around in the shallows, no pike either.

    East boat launch is still under ice. There is some open water under and around Rock Springs road. We saw two guys in a small boat cruising near the shore at the Rock Springs launch area. Hope they did better than us. It was nice to get out with the old man. lol Some nice weather next week and then FISH ON !! :D