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    Headed up that way this weekend with the boat, hoping (ain't lookin good at the moment) to fish Erie, but need a backup plan...

    Which lake is better right now for eyes? WB or Berlin?

  2. I'd say Berlin but that's because I don't know much about the walleye fishing at West Branch. They are biting at Berlin right now but it's just daylight till sun starts to get a little higher and then again in the evening. We caught a lot of fish last Sunday but unfortunately they were mostly small ones. We did get one that was around 24" and we also saw 2 other boats catch a couple around that size. It will be easy to see where the good fishing for walleye is right now at Berlin, just look for the boats between 224 and the railroad bridge and go over and start fishing the breaklines around the area. If there is some cloud cover and a little wind the fishing will be better. We had lots of sun last Sunday and that made it tough. Hope this helps.

  3. I'm gonna head out to Berlin today...never been before. Any tips on bait choice for those eyes?
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    shake, I catch some eyes at WB every now and again when I make it out those way. there are alwasy a few points and drops that seem to hold fish.
  5. Shakedown,

    I am just curious as to why you say it does not look at the time for fishing Erie this weekend? Is that due to the weather? I am curious because we are planning on a trip up on Sunday and I looked at the long range forecast and it looked really good, at least to me. The guy taking us out seemed to like the outlook as well. Granted it is early in the week and things could go either way. I was just curious that you may be hearing a different forecast.
  6. Jetdrivr, most everyone is using Vib-e's right now at Berlin. The bite prob won't pick up till this evening since you missed the morning bite.
  7. Thanks for the tip...yeah, I know the middle of the day is usually pretty slow but it will give me a chance to scout. Besides, it beats sitting here staring at this computer talking about fishing.
    Any color choice in particular that is better than another on the Vibe??
  8. Sooner or later I hope to catch a fish on a blade bait. I have tried a couple different brands but have not found the Vibe-E's yet. I have not yet caught a fish on them.:( I hear so many people talk highly of them and in particular it seems to be Vibe-E's. I plan to try them again Thursday night on an outing. Is the technique a nearly vertical presentation with a drift or slow troll? Or are they casting them? I have pretty much tried them as a slow troll bait. I know they are heralded as a cold water killer by many people.
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    I personally like sonars better than vibees. I cast them and slowly hop them back, or vertically jig them when the water is deep enough. you just have to vary your retreives. I like gold, firetiger, white/blue and chartruese.
  10. Heading to Gander on my way to the lake. Thanks for the info guys...hopefully I will have something to report.
  11. Exactly as John said.. Either cast them and hop them back to the boat OR Vertical Jig them off the bottom. 1/4oz Firetiger at Berlin is hard to beat. Good luck finding them though in stores right now!! Gander Mnt, Kames (in canton ) are all out of them. I've never tried trolling with vib-e's...not sure about how good they would troll. I'd think they would rise too far up in the water column but maybe not. They are a GREAT Spring and Fall bait when the water gets cooler and the fish are relating to specific areas.

    I haven't used the sonars as much but I'd imagine they would work well too.
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    That's far from good man...that's bad news even in a huge boat. Hopefully they're wrong, which has happened in the past.
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    shake, come fish the tourney at portage....there are eyes in there.
  14. Wow! I hope they are wrong as well.:eek: Where did you get the report? I looked in a few places but did not find the wave forecasts. I would like to keep track of it as well. That may change my weekend plans.:(
  15. I had looked at weather.com and they have Saturday winds at 8 MPH out of NW. Sunday 10 MPH out of NNW. I have no idea which sites are best for finding the conditions though.
  16. WB was on fire this spring for walleyes. Like Johnboy said, fish the drop-offs.

    I hope the fall will bring the same.
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    hey shake.............he is talking about the panfish tourny sat that bigdady is puting together.......................jim
  19. Thanks for the post of all the links. I have seen several of those in the past but never marked them as favorites. Now I have.;)