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West Branch Muskies, PIC, 6/22...

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by luredaddy, Jun 22, 2007.

  1. I was trolling a hump this morning, and a VERY nice fish hit a Monster Shad. In a matter of seconds , he was gone, probably just clamped down on the bait, and opened his mouth. I made a turn onto the other side of the hump, and got a 32" Musky. I then trolled over the original spot, and got a 28" Juvenile Musky, that had large gaping wounds, see pic. There is no doubt in mind, that a LARGE Musky caused these wounds. If you ever are reluctant to run BIG baits, this should boost your spirits.
  2. Those No Skinny Dippin signs are there for a

  3. Ya that makes me nervous since i do a little bit of watersports out on WB....i think i saw you may have been u i waved at i was in a 19 ft. ski boat at the time....good job on catching them ski' are a machine....i gotta get the trick down...haha....good job again and good luck for next time
  4. Love2troll,
    Yes , I saw you, #8 on your shirt.
  5. cool....maybe next time hopefully i'll be fishing...i just bought some tuff shads that i have been biting at the bit to try...