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West Branch Last Nite 7/26 - 7/27

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by catfisherman, Jul 27, 2004.

  1. Me and a buddy wanted to do some nite fishing last nite and wanted to try some place that we have never fished so we decided on WB. After driving around the area for about an hr looking for a place that didn't have park closes at 11, we ran into the ranger and the led us to the east park boat ramp and picnic area. We fished there from about 11pm till 4 am. We managed about 10 bluegill (bait), and cutting them up we caught 3 real healthly looking channels, all around the 5 # marker.
    We are wanting to try there again another nite so if anybody has any good places to shore fish could you give me around the lake, I come in off of rte 225. I would also like to know is there any way to get back to the dam. Also what kind of bait to use. Any help would be appreciated thanks in advance. Andy
  2. Hey there... I fish at WB all the time... To get back to the dam:
    I don't know if your coming from the south of 225 or north... but if you find the Paris Inn Bar thats diagnol from the Paris Twsp. Fire Dept (Newtonfalls Rd)
    you want to drive west on Newtonfalls rd. Then take a left on Wayland Rd. After you go past a bunch of houses there's a small parking lot for pathwalkers. You follow the path back and you'll find yourself at the spillway... I suggest bringing an ultra light pole and use kernels of corn. Fish with the corn right where the spillway water drops off a little. You should catch quite a few creek chubs (suckers). Then I walk over the hill to where the dam tower is... cast in between the support structure and the tower. Your likely to get some bites that are hard enough to take your pole in the water.
    My buddy Shawn was doing this and would lose his hook... I guess I'll have to show him how to tie a proper knot. I was trying for muskie on slip bobber and shiner. I caught 2 foot tiger... a smallie and a 13" crappie. It's been a couple of weeks since I was there because I broke my hand at work... I may go there all night tomarrow night cuz my cast is off!!!! Isn't there a full moon tomarrow or sometime this weekend?

    Well I'm outta here... Good Luck

  3. Oh ...duh your coming from canton...

    Take 225 north
    Turn left Cable line rd
    turn right on Wayland Rd
    go about a mile and a half
    and you'll pass Westbranch dam information office
    you'll pass a road coming from the right
    then down a small hill
    at the bottom of the hill
    immediately to the left is the pathway
    parking lot

    hope I am of some help
  4. Me and a buddy went to the dam. We tried for creek chubs and all we caught was a small crappie. That starts a fishing trip real well doesn't when you can't even catch bait. well we decided to try the dam anyways since we walked back that far, man is that a walk. Well when we got there thankfully we caught a couple of bluegill (3) that we could use. well when we finally got our poles in the water, we got one bite and it didn't even take the bait. just a couple of quick hits. barely moved the tip of the pole. What a nite we couldnt even buy a bite. Well thats fishing for you. Oh yea my buddy told me to let u people know never walk that with 6 fishing poles (4 catfish poles and 2 ultralights) and all of your stuff with a fat boy ( my buddy).
  5. Reel Man

    Reel Man Member

    Reel Lady and I were out last night. We didn't catch anything but what a great night to be out fishing. It seems like anyone we talked to last night had the same luck but still enjoyed their night out.

    I did notice a lot of fish jumping out of the water but none of them would hit on anything we threw at them. Outside of feeding what reasons are there for fish to do this?

    Hopefully the weather holds out and we can all get a few casts in tonight.