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  1. i am heading to west branch saterday any info would be a lot of help

    any thing bitting
    i am not sure what were going for yet its between crappy/ muskies and bass /eyes their i dont know the lake to well and i dont need spots but a general area would be nice to know for the eyes and skies. i am sure i can find the crappys were they were last year
  2. fish in the wood ,you;ll do ok.

  3. ok well my dad just told me we are going to be in a crappy turnament their and i was wondering what depths are the ccrappy in right now i know i can probly git some right in the downed trees but and i was wondering if any one knew the one of the bait shops number for their by any chance
  4. ...Fished for crappies yesterday and they were tucked up in the wood....and with the water as high as they have it ...there is a lot of wood...the island is only about half the size as it usually is... and there is a lot of wood there for them to get back in to.... if you can that is the question..Take your chain saw..
    :confused: GOOD FISHING GUYS
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  5. lol ok thxs hope to see some one from ogf their tomrow
  6. snag


    waded across from knapp rd ,got a hlf doz crappie,two nice ones the others were smaller,hitting right in the willows,its tough from shore,will be back up there with the boat nxt time,that last willow i climbed on was slippery on my exit,and i looked like shamu floundering in the water,my neoprenes wouldn,t let me get my legs down to stand up,but the water wasn,t as cold as i thought it would be...
  7. lol wow did pretty bad today conserteing size i mean we caught about 60-70 crapy but almost all were in the 5-7 inch ranger got 20 that was 8-13 but thats it me an dmy dad came in 7th for that turnament we also caught bluegills a 15 inch muskie and two bass that were 12 inchs each had fun but i caught most of my fish on marabu jigs and silver tubes lost some nice one that were about 14 mabye 15 to the boat but man it was hard gitting fish that were 8 inchs and up
  8. were the fish close to brush in shallows, i am thinking of heading up that way tomorrow
  9. ...Fished there Thursday and Friday Morning... I think these cold nights are keeping them in the shallows...caught 8 keepers and a lot of small ones....but had to be right up in the wood...some places couldn't even get the boat close enough...like I said before they have a lot of water over there...places where these dadgum fish couldn't get to thats where they are...try this week comming see what happens....
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