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west branch info?

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by dcross765, Nov 10, 2008.

  1. Are the gates going to the marina open or closed? Early in the spring the gate to the swimming area was closed, but you could still get to the marina to fish.
  2. Sorry, I don't go down that way. The office may know. They open at 0900 in season. Not sure about now. 330-296-3239

  3. mrphish42

    mrphish42 locators dont lie

    dcross765.....I was over there on friday and the gate to the swimming area was closed.......but you could still get back to the fishing pier at the marina..There were several people fishing off of that pier.....Hope this helps you......
  4. As soon as they pull the dooks they lock up the marina.
  5. Thanks, I Wanna Try Some Spots That Worked In The Spring To See If They Are The Same In The Fall. HEY JIG WHATS A DOOK? LOL.
  6. Most the spring spots are up the banks 10 feet or so. Puts you in the duk blinds!:p
  7. Lewzer

    Lewzer Powderfinger

    The road to the marina was still open Friday but the road to the beach was closed. There were a few people fishing the marina dock.
    The boat docks were also still in but I remember they were removed about this time last November.

    I would have taken the boat to fish but the radar showed a nice swath of rain coming in. If I had known it was going to be a gorgeous day till 9:00PM I would have went fishing.
    So instead I went to a friends place for a perch fry before he heads to Florida for the winter. I get about 1/2 way there and I realized I left my 30 pack of perch thawing in my sink at home 20 miles away. :(
    Brought everything but the perch!!!
    So Ken got some of his out of the freezer and I had my forgotten perch on Saturday.
    No fishing this weekend but ate a lot of perch.
  8. mrphish42

    mrphish42 locators dont lie

    Lewzer(mike).....I was one of those guy's. Took my grandson fishin, as he had a no school day to burn up....Next time you come that way, come down and say hey. I like to break in the "VEX" AND SHARPEN MY open water ice fishin (so to speak) and that dock area is the perfect place for it.And as you are well aware of at WB.......every kind of fish that swims there, comes into that area at one time or another....and that can make for a very interesting trip....PS. also remember to bring a rod along ......this can be one of those sleeper pre-winter spots and the water depths (in there are super) for any of those species......Jon Sr. Oh you know, no boat needed.....and thats the cool part.
  9. Lewzer

    Lewzer Powderfinger

    I should have walked on down to the docks to see what was going on but I was a little late getting to my friends place. I picked up a hitchhiker and gave him a ride to North Canton. I wasn't going all the way to Canton.
    Didn't believe his "Baptist pastor" story either.
    One of these days we will have to meet up. The stump field north of the dock produced this summer for us.
    I'll keep an eye on your other thread. Post when you all meet up and I'll see whether I'm allowed to join you for some ice fishing.:p
  10. esox62

    esox62 BORN TOO LATE

    yeah i was trolling over there fri the 14th. were about 10 people fishin there. i was marking tons and tons of bait and fish around the docks and out past the wall but couldnt hook up. water is now at 45.
  11. mrphish42

    mrphish42 locators dont lie

    lewzer.....thanks for your reply. Yes, we will definitely get together this next year for open water fishing....We'll try and run down some of those 15" ( and up) crappies starting early next spring. Maybe in my almost ....(getting closer to 40 years) at WB....I have learned a couple of spots (for walleye) that you might have missed along the way, also. As far as the ice fishing goes, I have two shantys (multi-person) and if you get the nod.....and mother nature is good to us....I'd be glad to have you go along......Jon Sr. PS....might just bring the action more your way (when it starts) like OLD STATE PARK....
  12. mrphish42

    mrphish42 locators dont lie

    esox62....just wanted to say hey. That had to be you that came in near the the gas dock area and made a turn around...lot of nice fish inhabit those areas.....But I guess you knew that, or why else would you venture back in there...Good fishin guy.............Jon Sr.