West Branch ice almost gone

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    It's almost ice free. Just got back and there was still ice in the coves, but the main lake is pretty open. Water level is still high but clean.
    Now I just need to hear some spring peepers combined with " FISH ON!"
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    Fish2day......Fished there, yesterday and wed...........At least the ice is almost totally gone, as you said......and things should go up hill .......even if, at a slow pace...some sunny days and add some warmer air temps....it could have things busting loose.......what the heck......the fish know spring and the spawn is on it's way......dont need me to remind them....Jon Sr. PS. "DITTO" the spring peepers......

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    Have been checking WB every day and as of this mornig it is still mostly ice covered. Onlly boat ramp realy open is the East ramp. Once launched you have open water to Goose Island going East And about 1/4 mile past Rock Spring Road to the West. All other ramps are not open to open water. Coach
  4. My brother and I went out Saturday afternoon from the west ramp. From No Tree Island to the bridge I would say about 3/5ths open. The immediate area west of the bridge was open also. The lake is VERY stained in the areas we were at. So much so that a bright orange muskie bait completely disappeared one foot under the surface.
  5. ...Guy's MadMac is telling it like it is...Took a ride around the lake and the bays and coves were so muddy....fish would have to bump into bait to know it was there....needs to clear up a lot...but calling for more rain ...well see what happens....
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