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West Branch Help

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by FoxieRoxie, Jun 29, 2007.

  1. Hoping someone can give me a few pointers. My husband and I are going to hit West Branch tomorrow early evening. Any ideas on what to use as bait and where to go in our boat? Would appreciate any help as I'm still looking to catch my first big fish out of the new boat. Thanks everyone..:B
  2. First of all what are you planning on fishing for. We have Muskys , Walleyes Saugeye, Cat fish and some big Whipers over there.There are also big Crappies. Choose your poison.
    Good Fishing Guys:F

  3. If You're Real Lucky, You Might Catch A "ski-doo" Fish or twoo, Or One Of The Infamous "tube-fish" WB Is Famous For! Use The Biggest Plug(lots of big trebles) You Can Find And When They Jump In Front Of Your Boat Which Is Usually Very Close(too Close!), Throw That Big Plug At Them And Hold On! They Fight Like H--- When Hooked!! Good Luck, F-R!
    ps-Try jigs and crawlers down by dam. Catches about everything in there.
  4. C.J. You are crule however I agree with you, I hate those skidoos as much as you, should melt them down and turn them into fishing lures, what a waste of good raw materials. I hope they did good at West Branch today. If I were foxie I would buy a couple dozen minnows and go crappie fishing in the deep water, after you get tired of catching crappies or missing them what ever the case may be, then I would tie a hot-n-tot or a lure like a shad and do a little trolling. Have done good doing either of these methods.
    Foxie Roxie let us know how you did.

  5. Zip nadda. Nothing. Skunked. Didn't even get a bite. Tried over by the dam and then went all the way down the lake and tried that end but not even a nibble...
  6. what were you fishing for? i'm out there a couple times a week and should be able to help you out for your next trip out there.
  7. Lewzer

    Lewzer Powderfinger

    Hi Foxie,
    Were you the one I talked to at the east boat ramp about 11:00 last night?
    I asked how you did and you said "Nothing, not even a bite. It's kind of depressing".
    I had the camo snow suit on. If that was you, you did look depressed.
    I can show you and your husband some spots. But West Branch is a hard lake. You have to have a bunch of spots to hit every time because the spot that was good last time is going to be dead this time.
    I just move all around till you find them.Then I go fish the shallow weedbeds about an hour before sunset till after dark.
  8. A few OGF members were out there last night! Got a few white crapps and cats floatin lights. Big fish was a 20in smallie. WOW! Thought I lost her after she plowed into the side of the boat!:B Got a pic but gettin developed by the CAT GUY!:D
  9. I definitely need to hook up with some of you OGF guys and get some pointers. My hubby just is not much of a fisherman. I was in a white sunbird (16 ft with 48 hp). It probably doesn't help we don't have very good poles. I was using a double hook with some kind of bright yellow eye thing on it with a leader tipped with small bites of crawler. We trolled around the dam but I wasn't down very deep so that's probably part of the problem.
  10. my very first w. branch trip i did pretty good over by the bridge that comes off teh dam....but i was fishing from shore and casting out to the first bridge support...about 12 crappies in 45 minutes using cut bait...however they were all small....but while i was fishing i saw tons of fish busting the surface by the 2nd bridge support that has teh small building on top...gulls were diving in teh water too...that second support would be easy to reach with a boat...i was fishing under a bobber about 3 ft down and the bite turned on around 8:15 and kept up until i left at 9...maybe this can help u but who new to w. branch...
  11. Might try a pretty simple set-up for WB. Try mostly 6-8 lb trilene line with #4 or #6 gold hooks tied directly to the line under a bobber. Maybe a split shot to stand up the bobber. Minnows (crappie) or crawlers (cats/bass) usually work.

    WB gets tore up all weekends by pleasure boaters. Mid season, head for protected back bays or the no wake zone beyond Rock Springs Rd.

    Give Berlin a shot. We tend to get more fish there than at WB.
    Best of luck.