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  1. Hello all as my name states, I am now back in the game of fishing. It's been about 2-3 loooooooong years since i've had a chance to fish, due to having little ones at home.
    Here's my thing. My father purchased a boat last year and we will be docking out of West Branch. I am new to the lake, never fished it before. I'm looking to catch some crappie's and maybe go for some of those bigger fish in the lake. I was wondering what the water depths are at in different areas, and since he has a "leisure" boat with no trolling motor, I don't want to get to close to the shallows. Is West Branch a good Crappie lake? Are there any sunken islands or roads that I can find out there also. Main concern is water depth though, don't want to run aground and risk hurting the boat.
    Thank you for any help you can give me.
  2. Well right now the water is up and all the humps are sunken. as the water levels lower these areas will become bouy marked hazards but right now your good just about anywhere east of rocksprings rd bridge. The one thing I like about WB is there aren't many places that I can't motor right up to shore with my 20 footer, try that at Berlin and from what I can remember you'll be stuck in mud, speaking of which, thats the other reason I'm partial to WB is it's mostly sandy and you don't get that grey looking clay mud on everthing.
    Just have all your safety gear and make sure all your lights work cause when the man's out there he'll getcha, and if you have as much as 1 wine cooler your getting a ticket and believe me they know where to look, I'm speaking from experience.

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    Do you have a depth finder on the boat ? If not get one as there is plenty of structure in that lake depending on where you are at. My buddy and I were out there two years ago and a guy hit the end of a point with stumps on it which extends about 100 yards out from shore. During the Spring and Summer there would be no problem with this point but it was Fall and the lake was five feet lower than normal Summer pool. He tore the outdrive off his boat and had to be towed to the ramp. The only thing holding the outdrive on was a control cable. The outdrive was dnagling by the cable as the boat sat on the trailer. There's a lot of wonderful fish structure out there and if you don't know the lake it can cause you problems. Be sure to have a depth finder and pay attention to it !