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West Branch dock question

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Buzzking, Sep 20, 2017.

  1. Are the west ramp (Rock Springs Rd.) docks still in? Does anyone know when they are to be taken out? Thanks-BK
  2. Last year they were taken out the first week in November. It varies based on the amount of help they have. John
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  3. They are still in as of yesterday and there is still a meteor sized pot hole on the eastern most ramp and large sections of rubber ripped off nearly every one of them so bring your dock bumpers if ya got em..
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  4. The campground ramps are always open. We have been using the east ramps and they are still good. We still used the ramps even when they pulled the floating section. Just need two people.
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  5. austjj


    Last year I took my boat out at noon and the docks gone when I returned. I just was recovering from knee operation, so no fun at all. When docks are removed they should set dates and post so fisherman can adjust.
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  6. Bark61


    Here is the monster hole people are talking about! Someone has put a big rock in there to try and fill it up but it doesn't help. This hole will rock your world.

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  7. Crg2


    I have 2 bags of concrete in my truck for thay stupid hole
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  8. I posted on their facebook page for WB and asked if they had plans to repair it. I got a generic response with a phone number for the park director. I mean come on, is that something that actually requires a phone call? It's the size of a third world country for god sake. and a simple, cheap, easy fix.
  9. Hope the boats are still attached at the forward ring if they hit that.. They'll be boats hitting the concrete.
  10. Crg2


    So i should fill it in then?
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  11. just do it, we don,t no a thing.[thanks it will be appr.
  12. Whaler

    Whaler Whaler

    Crg2, yes fill it with concrete or it won't get filled .
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  13. If you go due north from that "holey" dock about a hundred yds from shore, under power, you will wreck your prop and/or lower unit on the "unmarked" shallow sand bar which is just starting to show as water levels continue to drop! I'm sure there are other unmarked "prop eaters" on the lake as well! Be extra careful.
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  14. Word has it, ODNR has been stocking eyez in that hole.
  15. I was 1.5 ounce blade jigging the bottom of that pothole Wed. night and got a monster on but lost it at the asphalt.
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  16. Louisvillefisherman, That was great. This is the funniest thread I have read in a long time.
  17. Crg2


    Next time out ill fill it.....if you see orange spray paint or a bucket maybe becareful not to get concrete on boat or truck
  18. It was still there Wednesday when I went out. Two pieces of concrete were laying close by but a carp has taken up residency.
  19. Crg2


    I haven't been out hopefully this evening
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