West Branch Crappies

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  1. :F Fished West Branch yesterday the BIG Crappies are still there, drifted a drop off on the East side of Rock Springs Road Bridge, 12 ft drop off on South side brought home thirty crappies from 10 tp 13 inches I try not to keep any under 10 in. As you can tell they are in deeper water , so anyone going out fish the drop offs in deep water, I fished with a drop shot rig all day ,what a fun way to fish.
  2. Good job and nice report CL. I've been marking a lot of them on drops while muskie trolling.

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    I was marking them on Saturday also as I would come off of the drops. In fact when I was done trying for muskie, I stopped over some of the marks and did some jigging and caught several smaller ones before I had to leave.