West Branch Crappies

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  1. Fished W.B. Tuesday what a day the weather and fishing was as good as it gets...Not very many boats out what a shame...Love to put that day in a bottle and open it up in Jan. or Feb.....The fish were hitting all day long... Saw Ben a Black Guy from Cleveland and looked like he was doing as good or better than I...Took 17 home nothing under 10 in. 3 were F.O. ...the biggest was 14 1/2 incher...Caught a lot of 8 and 9 inchers all went back...for next year...Just thought I'd share the day...
    Wanted to Post Pic. Still haven't figured out how too..Some day if I live long enough..They are in my Gallery...
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  2. Sweet day crappie fishin.....thanks for the post. Late season successful days are a real blessing....we remember them allll winter.

  3. Nice fish! Here's the pic you had in your gallery.

  4. how are the launch ramps there? any suggestions that ones are lower than others?
  5. What part of the lake were u fishing and what was the bait you where using? jb
  6. Big Daddy...PM me a message as to how to put the Pics. in a post...Step 1...Step2 etc...Then maybe I can do it...Thank You...And Thank You for putting the Pictures in my Post....
    GOOD FISHING GUY.....:confused:
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  7. ...I had no trouble with the ramps...However they may be pulling them out anytime....CL
  8. I was on the West side of Rock Springs Road ...Jigs under slipbobbers any thing with chartaruse like twister tail or fuzzy grubs...They also liked anything with gold flake in it....Good Luck
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    Thanks for sharing the great crappie report CRAPPIE LOVER.

    I kicked myself at work all day for not taking a days vacation today! :p
  10. great couple of days this week to be out that's for sure.
    Nice job on the crappies, they are only 2nd to perch for din din in my book.
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    Nice crappie! I had two friends out there yesterday. Last time I talked to them they had eight, all nice ones he said. Minnows under a slipbobber in Silver Creek.
  12. baby blue...This has been a great week of Fishing...West Branch Tuesday caught a lot of fish...Lake Erie on Wednesday 3 guys came up 4 short of three limits...real nice Perch...Yesterday fished Short Wall Fairport caught 3
    Steelhead started 8:30 every 10 Min. someone had one on...Weather was fantastic could'nt ask for a better week in Nov....They don't come like this too often...
    GOOD FISHING GUY...:) :p :)
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    What a great week to be outside. Wore shorts 3 days in a row at work (framer) and enjoyed every minute of it! Then just as expected, the weekend shows its ugly face. The boat will not be put away just yet though. Hoping to get out at least one more time before the snow really starts flyin'. Shootin' for mosquito for some walleye or crappie.
  14. ...jay2k...I feel that is a mistake a lot of fishermen makes...putting the boat to bed for the winter too early...a few years back when my passion in the fall was waterfowl hunting...I had days when the weather was what we called blue bird days...65 to 75 degrees.. sun shining ...no wind...birds were sitting in quiet bays sucking up the warm sun and not moving...and a lot of times that was at Mosquito...where I had at least 2 blinds set up...keep up the spirit I am sure you will be able to get out at least once or twice ...before the snow locks us in...
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  15. Hey Lewzer, Just a note for your buddies. Not allowed to fish with minnows at Silver Creek. If they get caught, it's a BIG fine........
  16. I got to ask,silver creek , on west branch? where is it?????????? don;t fish w/b much , is it true you can;t use minnies;
  17. Silver Creek is just west of the beach and there isn't anything wrong with using minnows. He must be thinking of another Silver Creek.
  18. Sorry guys. I was talking bout Silver Creek Metro park. Didn't realize he was talking bout West Branch Silver Creek. My apoligies...
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    CL......Congrats' on your excellent week of fishing......