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West branch bobber fishing today

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Fishinaddict, Apr 15, 2017.

  1. we fished quite a few spots in shallow water with no fish! We briefly had something decent on but got off. Not sure what's going on but maybe they haven't moved shallow yet. Water 53-55 degrees. Good luck expected a few, georgeous day on the water with family.
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  2. I made the mistake of fishing shallow too early at WB last year. Takes a while for that lake to warm up. Only place I caught them shallow this early was the extreme west end of the lake. The crappie are just starting to move in and search out spawning locations. In 2 weeks, they will be all over the shallows. Fish the deep channels until then.
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  3. i was there today in a small jon boat. caught three white bass real shallow, about 2 feet. also lost my first muskie right at the boat! crappy day at west branch!
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  4. Ddawg, so when you say deep channels, how deep would you recommend for crappie during this time before the lake warms up? Bobber or not? I'm planning to go tomorrow. Thanks much!
  5. Right now the first break next to spawning areas. Close to the shallow coves basically. Nice tight schools if you find them and hungry.
  6. In March I was catching them about 2' up from the bottom in 10-15' FOW. Right now, with the warm weather, I'm sure they are transitioning towards the coves. I'd try the creek channels in the coves. Vary your depth of fishing until you find them.
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  7. And crappie always feed up. It's easy to get below the strike zone. With this warm sunny days you can catch them a foot deep over 8 to 10 feet of water.
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  8. i don't get how people fish for crappie in 10-15' FOW. i can cast for them or fish for them shallow with minnows under a bobber; but i don't get how you guys do it that deep. i've tried with jigs but the small ones are too light to sink that deep reliably to jig??
  9. Thanks a lot, guys! I had a decent amount of action today, but all dinks except for a nice LM that broke off right at my boat! Can't wait to get out again!
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  10. Fished this evening 5-830. Managed to land 20-25 crappie 2 bass and 2 white bass. We weren't keeping fish so didn't measure but I'd assume about half would of kept. 1/32 oz pink jig with a nose hooked minnow hung right over the side did the damage. They wouldn't touch a minnow and hook. 7-10 fow in the timber fishing damn near on bottom. It was a beautiful evening out there!
  11. It just amazes me how just a little change in presentation makes all the difference! You'd think a fish would eat a minnow, either on a hook or jig. I guess that's what keeps us coming back. Great job, Erie...and thanks for the report. :)
  12. I'm guessing they couldn't see the minnow very well in the deeper water. Light it up with a pink jig head and it's easy for them!
  13. I figured with the sun they should have seen some sort of flash from the gold hooks. We had hits and caught a few on hooks but the jig was way better.
  14. Anyone by chance get the surface temps, probably get some time in today before the rain comes in.
  15. Water temps yesterday were 56 degrees in most areas of the lake east of Rock Springs Rd. The bays were a bit warmer but only by a degree or so. BTW...not one bite for me with a solid 5 hour attempt. Marked a few fish here and there but no takers. I was mainly looking for walleye and/or crappie.
  16. Thanks jetdrivr.. Sometimes all it takes is the sole tree if you can find it.
  17. Do you know how to run a slip float set up?
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  18. +1 on slip floats. They let you get your presentation down as deep as you move the stopper. You can also just vertical jig or cast a 1/8oz jig with soft plastics along with swedish pimples and jigging sppons and even jiggin raps like ice fishing off the side of a boat. Those are my go-to deep crappie techniques
  19. Crappiekiller17

    Crappiekiller17 I must be a fish....

    You can definitely get them. If you have a light rod about 5 1/2 ft in length or. 6ft rod, I usually use 2 or 3lb test and you can cast those little 1/32 and 1/64 oz jigs quite a few yards, and with the lighter line they will sink a little faster and it allows the jig you are fishing with to look more life like.
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  20. Slip bobbers are deadly on deep crappies. If I'm fishing a minnow for crappies 100% of the time it's on a slip bobber. I've found a small jig and minnow with 2-3 split shots about 3-4 ft up is good too for deep fish. With the gap between the split shots and jig it lets the minnow still swim around with the jig and gives you better feel with the weights while still having a smaller presentation . The other day I didn't use more weight because I was only in 7-10
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