West Branch / Berlin / Milton

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  1. Anyone know if the ice in the smaller bays is done ?..

    I wanted to try to hit a lake and see if there are any crappie willing
    to bite....

    maybe even Squito off the causeway at night ?...

    .....anyone get a look at the WB spillway lately ?...

    anyone having any luck last couple days ?
  2. Lewzer

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    I can't help you now but I will be able to give you a report late tomorrow night after I get home from playing all day in that area.

  3. Best I can tell ya is put a boat in at Pointview. Aint worth fishing anything else enless you want too climb mud banks. Guys need to check out Milton. Is low but the lakes half open. ALOT of structure up and plenty walking too be done. Might try that this week with a boat if it warms up some again.
  4. snag


    went around wb today no shore ice to get on lots of open water under rs road,off of knapp rd all open way out into main lake,but all areas really muddy,outflow from wb spillway under wayland rd up to the banks and moving pretty good,probaly the spillway is cooking...
  5. rolland

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    I think im going to have time to hit milton tomorrow, I will make a report when I get home.
  6. Lewzer

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    I was out at WB all day Saturday. As snag mentioned, west of Rockspring Rd was all open but muddy. East of the bridge was ice locked.
    Fished the iron pier at the marina with minnies and jigs w/ minnie or waxworms. Not a bite.
    It was warm ,45F, but windy as heck.
    Went to the spillway and it was moving. When I left home Sat. morning the ACE website said outflow was 70CFS but supposed to go to 700CFS.
    Must have already opened the gates.
    Dipped the jigs along the shoreline but nothing going on there either.
    I did see two crappie and an 8" walleye in the overflow creek. To me that's good news. There are still some baby walleye in the lake.
  7. Thanks for the reports guys....