west branch.. anyone icefish here?

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  1. just wondering if anyone has any info about icefishing here. i moved to ohio a few years ago and the only lakes i have ice fished here are atwood, mohawk, and the big E. but i did some open water fishing at west branch this spring and caught some SLAB crappies and i would love to go ice fishing here but not sure if it gets good ice most years or what the deal is. thanks for any help. :) :)
  2. it gets good ice thats about all I can tell you!

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    falbinki.......WB is a tuffy.......A lot of easy axcess there just isn't......There are several areas in the east ( park in the Launch area parking lot) at the dam end.... Here you will find several humps and points that arn't too hard to get to....most fishin is for walleyes and crappies.....plenty of deep water close to structure. The other two areas of interest, are out from the west launch area.........and out from the gravel launch area at Rock Spring Rd. Some guys try to work their way along the channel that winds thru these areas and also some of the humps and point that can be found as you travel west from RSR.....There just aren't a lot of places that you can park and walk a short distance to fish because of road design ( way away from the water....Well thats my 2 cents worth for you and anytime (when there is safe ice) and you are venturing a trip up my way ( I only live a few minutes away)drop me a PM ahead of time and I'll see about getting some guys together and we'll keep you company!!!!!!!!!!! On this lake I like to have at least 6+ inches for move around reasons and safety overall......Happy Hoildays....Jon Sr.
  4. mrphish...... thanks for the info . had no clue if anyone icefished there or not. i would love to come up and try to get on some crappies and or eyes. i can and do fish almost every day of the week when there is safe ice. mostly on atwood and lake mohawk just because they are close. but i can't stop thinking about the 15" crappies i caught there in the spring. i just don't want to make the hour drive up there just to find out there is no ice to fish. so if and when it does get safe feel free to drop me a pm and we can plan an outing some day up there. i've got a gps with the lake chip so getting on structure and humps should'nt be a problem. thanks again jon sr. ... and happy holidays to you to.
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    Fished down your way when my buddy kept his pontoon boat at Atwood....Good eats at the "LIGHTHOUSE BISTRO"......Your on for WB, if this weather will quit it's rollercoaster ride.....Until then.......Be safe and enjoy life....Jon Sr.