West Branch, 9/26

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  1. If you are after Muskies, either cast or troll the weeds. They will be there until the lake turns over. After the turnover, go on vacation to a nice place for a week, then hit it hard. Caught this 38"+ today over the weeds.
  2. Another good one for the muskie king, Great job AGAIN

  3. mirrocraft mike

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    Congrats LD.
    You are fisherman of the year in my books .Well at least in our NORTHEAST SECTION. To say your lucky is NOT the case .You have mastered the art of catching these fish .Thanks for posting all your pics for us to dream about.
    Hope to meet you on the water someday .
  4. Awesome catch boss.

    Would like to pick your brain. I don't want places or depths or baits.

    What is your setup....rod, line, leaders. Prop wash or further back?

    WB is my "no go" lake. When Erie is funky......WB is often my destination.

    Thank you for any info you choose to share.
  5. BigDaddy300

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    Great job John!!! After chating, I had a feeling you would get bit today. I hope to get out again soon. Keep up the good work. Your pics get me through the week:D
  6. esox62

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    got a sub yesterday in the weeds on a spinnerbait, had one other follow. theyve been in the weeds for weeks now. the casting bite is just starting...jerks are good now...temps are 73.
  7. Esox62,
    Yes they have been in the weeds, but just when you think you have them figured out...I casted and trolled the weeds this morning for three hours, zero! Before I left I had a good one on over an 8' hump, running 20' of line, then landed a 31" trolling over 24' of water, on a bait in the propwash, with 10' of line. I guess they all donot read the rules. Good luck this Fall!!
  8. Nice fish man! Your right too! As soon as you think you got them figured they make you look for them. The eyes are the same way. Got to agree on the turn-over to but ...:D
  9. Way to go, Luredaddy.

    I'd like to get back out there a few more times
  10. esox62

    esox62 BORN TOO LATE

    was out yesterday from 11-5 with no takers. i knew it would suck after the cold front, but still went anyway...lol. temps down to 70.
  11. Yeah, I had the same luck from 8 - 3.
  12. I fished 3 hrs on the on the east end of the lake 9/30, all casting. I missed two fish in the weeds, both were maybe 28-30" length. I also had the pleasure of watching one of my favorite jerk baits fly through the air and sink to the bottom of the lake when my leader failed right at the swivel......at least it didn't cost me a nice 40"+ fish!