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  1. They have slowed down the draw down. It is still safe to launch and fish, if you use common sense. It is great for me, not to see the power boaters and seadoos, out in force. I got two today, including this 35". They are still locating on humps. I lost a truly LARGE fish today, running a midlake hump, bait in prop wash. I had a good look at it, oh my...:( This fish was a milestone for me, my 100th OHIO Musky over 30", it took nine seasons to do it, but I grinned when he was in the net. I know that there are people who go to St. Clair and get that many in a season, but , I enjoy my morning excursions on local waters.
  2. Nice fish, You are the muskie king..Any word on the walleye fishing? Thanks..Terry

  3. Congratulations, Luredaddy. I'm looking forward to getting back out there now that the loonies will be starting to put their boats and jet skis away till next season.

    I know what you feel like after losing a larger musky like that. It haunts you for a few days; sometimes a few weeks.
  4. Congrats on #100 John. Hopefully there won't be so many floating weeds once all the yahoos are off the lake. Work is getting in my way!!!
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    Luredaddy congrats on your 100th! I know i have enjoyed seeing you pics!
    Thanks for posting them.:D
  6. Great job John. I always enjoy reading your posts.
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    great accomplishment on reaching the 100 mark luredaddy!!
    i could only wish:eek:
  8. I definately keep an eye out for your posts luredaddy....gonna be trying for some musky at WB myself.....hopefully during the week to avoid the crazies........

    you are truly the local musky king.....nice job and congrats on # 100....

    When I hit 100 steelies in a season, which I did not make it to last yr, its awesome....

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    That's a good area where you got that one Luredaddy.
  10. Great Job John! I wish another 100 plus in the years to come. I know about the only thing yet to get is the 50" plus out of there. It will happen this year I can feel it!!!!!!!!
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    fished the last two days with one 37" baby off of big fish point on wed. afternoon in the heat. do not take these fish out of the water in 83 degree surface temps..! take a photo in the water if you must...i had to stay with my fish for 20 minutes as she came back up twice, even with a water release, finally she stayed down after i saw her bubbles from her bladder adjusting. had another nice blowup in the weeds on a spinnerbait, but she missed the bait...