West Branch 8/17

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  1. :F Fished West Branch last Friday, Turned out to be a good day started slow but got better as the day moved on. Caught a lot of Crappies and Walleyes. Drifted the West side of Rock Springs Road. Fished with drop shot and tru-turn hooks about 15 inches from shot,used up about 6 dozen minnows.Started in deeper water and drifted the points, found most of the bites on the up side of points,not very many bites on th shallow tops of the points. 18 big crappies and 3 nice walleyes went home, A ton of small fish. Hope this info helps someone, out there.

  2. Nice report and good job. Nice to hear someone catching.

  3. Means those Muskies are biting on the West end.:B :D Got a shot of Hickery Island for ya.
  4. [​IMG]

    Can some one fit this?
  5. Muskies sure weren't biting on the east end last Friday. Nadda, zip, zilch 7 to 1, didn't see anything being pulled either. report at the dock, 1 guy caught a 26 in. pike in 1 to 4 feet of water.