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West Branch 8/13...

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by luredaddy, Aug 13, 2007.

  1. I fished hard this morning, ZERO. I found a 35" floating belly up by the dam, I worked on it, but no good. Around noon, I trolled into the marina area, and found a 42" belly up. I worked on him for 20 minutes, not mouth to mouth, and brought him around. HE SWAM AWAY! Stay with your fish, even if they go down, this time of year, it is oftentimes tough on them, when released.
  2. Hey thats awesome that you were able to get the one fish to swim away. Hopefully it will make it and it wont happen again.

  3. Erterbass

    Erterbass Ohio Angler

    John, is there anything specific that typically causes enough stress to cause them to go belly up? In other words, fighting them too long, keeping them out of the water too long, etc.

  4. NewbreedFishing

    NewbreedFishing High Speed Angling

    from what i hear only a minute out of the water with air temps as high as they are can be fatal. add to that the stress of fight, yes we need to be more consious about handling these tropy fish.

    muskies inc. recomends keeping the fish in the water (boatside releases)

    good job on nursing that fish LD!:C
  5. Whaler

    Whaler Whaler

    The hard fight, handling, warm water temps with less oxygen in the warm layer are all factors in fish stress.
    Elmer Heyob fisheries biologist for the division of wildlife has come up with a way to release these fish with a high rate of success. He attaches a short length of four pound test mono to his anchor with a hook attached to it. While releasing a muskie he sticks the hook in its jaw and lowers it with the anchor to the thermocline which around here is around fifteen feet. After the muskie recovers it breaks the line and swims off. By releasing it in the cooler area with more oxygen he has found them to recover nicely.
    It takes a little extra time but it is worth it to save the fish.
  6. Good job John. I spent 3 hours reviving one I caught earlier this summer. It kind of ruined the rest of my morning but was worth it to see him swim away. Whaler, that sounds like a good method. Do you move the boat once the fish is down there?
  7. This is amazing to me. I was going to make a post about this in the pike/muskie forum because I thought I had come up with some new way to revive muskies. I wasn't aware that anyone was trying this already!

    Last Friday I caught a fat 38" muskie on Leesville and worked with her for over an hour without any luck. I knew that the hot surface temps were the culprit, so I kept trying to think up ways to get her down into the cooler water below. My dad suggested attaching the muskie to a stringer, then clipping the stringer to our anchor and dropping it into the thermocline. I dropped it down 12ft in roughly 30ft of water and trolled around for about 5 minutes to get the water flowing through the fish's gills. The whole time the muskie was showing up on my fishfinder as one continuous school of fish 12ft down, which was weird. But anyways, I pulled up the anchor and saw that she had regained good color and the fins weren't red anymore. I removed the stringer and let her go, half expecting her to go belly up again. But, instead, she gave a good hard kick and dove straight down to the cooler water. I hung around for a few minutes and waited to see if she came back up, but she never did!

    I remember trolling Leesville last July and counting something like 10-12 dead muskie, so anything to help keep a few more toothy critters alive is well worth the extra time and effort in my book.
  8. Nice to see some one that cares that much. Give ur self a pat on the back there luredaddy.:)
  9. Seen a guy SMACK the surface after he slowly swam the fish. Strait down. When I get bigger fish That belly up on ya at the side the boat, leave him in the water. I try to pull the hooks with long pliers and let him just before. Havent lost a fish yet.
  10. Whaler

    Whaler Whaler

    Madmac, I don't recall if he said he moves his boat or not but it might be okay if you move very slowly. FFFFFish might remember if he said he did or not as I think he was at the banquet when Elmer gave his Muskie talk.
  11. That's what I was thinking Whaler. Just put it in gear and slow troll him. I will definitely give that a try. Would sure beat spending all that time.