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West Branch, 7/25...

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by luredaddy, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. A good day became a great day, when I met Vince, VC1111. He was launching when I came in from fishing. It was a pleasure meeting him and seeing his FANTASTIC baits! I also saw Madmac.
    I only had a couple hours to fish, but managed to get a 42" Musky , trolling a Depthraider over a hump. This is my third Huskie Muskie in as many days, and qualifies me for the Ohio Huskie Muskie Club's, Dr. Dunmire Award. I would rather be lucky than good , any day! John:T

  2. Luredaddy, you are one awesome fisherman. Awesome catches this year. I always enjoy seeing the piks. Good Luck with the rest of the season but it doesn't seem as if you need luck.
  3. mirrocraft mike

    mirrocraft mike Now in a Alumacraft

    You are one guy i got to meet .I need to get to w.b. and make that happen. Not that i"ll be checking out your boat, tackle, patten ,Just want to get shake hands and feel some Muskie slime on my hand . Well since i'm there i may sneak a peak LOL I vote for LUREDADDY as angler for the month of JUlY
    Congrats on some fine fishing
  4. Lewzer

    Lewzer Powderfinger

    Ditto that!
    I always look for your boat but I never see it. I am at work when you're catching and you're relaxing on the weekend when I can make it out there to deal with the pleasure boaters.
    I makes me jealous to see no boats in the background of your pics.
  5. I agree with Mirrocraft Mike.....
    Went to my local Gander Mountain for a Depthraider. Needless to say, I can't afford one of each. Which one would you recommend for someone who has none?
  6. BigDaddy300

    BigDaddy300 multi species angler

    Great job once again John!!! I am not even going to bother trying anytime soon because I think you will have hooked every muskie in the lake by the time I will be able to get back out:D I am so jealous:)

    Vince is a great guy. His baits are truly awesome. From looking at the pics he has been posting of them, I believe he has become even better than when I first saw his baits in person last year.
  7. Luredaddy
    Fisherman of the month, how about the fisherman of the year , how do you beat this guy. So much for the fish of 10,000 casts, oh thats just my luck! Great fish, I love seeing them, as I'm sure everyone else does.
  8. Nice fish John!!!!!!!!!!!! You and VC on the water today. They didn't have a chance!!!!!!!!! LOL

    We are going to start to bet on you! I will guess a 46" tomorrow! LOL
  9. Great fish and nice to see you again John. I was there from 0700 to 1700 with none landed. Had a nice one on for about 30 seconds. John comes out at 0930 and by 0950 he has that fish. WOW! I was on a roll there for a while but four skunks in a row has humbled me severely. Sorry I didn't get to meet you Vince. If you ever see me stop and say hey. I have a Wellcraft Excel 19DS thats white with blue trim. Not your typical fishing boat but I have it well adapted.
  10. Guys, don't let Luredaddy fool you. He humble and he says he's lucky, but you have to do an awful lot of things right to have the streak he's piled up in the last few weeks. He's very much tuned into to what is happening when he's on the waters of West Branch to make that happen.

    It was a real pleasure to meet him. Ironically, as I drove down to launch my boat, I thought to myself that I'd like to run into him.

    I was literally launching my boat from the trailer, when I see a boat coming into the docks. I thought, "I'll bet that's him, he always talks about a morning bite, and he's probably done for the day right about now."

    He pulls into the dock and it was easy to recognize him from all the photos he's posted on this board. The only thing that was confusing was I expected him to be holding up a hawg muskie.:D :D :D

    It was great to meet you, John. Congratulations on the Dunmire! It couldn't happen to a better guy.

    I looked for you out there, MadMac, but I only had your photo to go by. I'll find you next time hopefully.

    An interesting thing happened as the day proceeded. The fish were stacked in the open water when I got there. Long strings of fish schooled together with the bigger marks at around 14 to 16 feet. the sun angle changed around 6 pm the schools began to taper and finally they were actually hard to find at all in the open water.

    I began to see fish from 13 to 16 feet of water in numbers so I figured they were moving shallow.

    I stopped trolling and headed for some weed edges near Goose Island. I saw several muskies breaking the surface hitting small schools of bait fish.

    I began casting a perch patterned six-inch foiled bait at the area where I had seen one break surface.He clubbed the bait after the third rip of the rod tip. He launched into the air twice, swinging his large head and his heavy shoulders from side to side each time. The second time, he managed to throw the bait. What a rush.:D

    I had one other take a swing and a miss at the bait near the edge of the weeds and I saw several more breaking the surface.

    Beautiful afternoon. Luredaddy and I both marveled at how few boats were on the water for a lake that is such a complete zoo on weekends.

    Congratulations again, Luredaddy, but whatever you do, don't stop now. You're having a run most of us can only dream about!
  11. Let me check in on this subject also. Luck has very little to do with this. John flat knows West Branch Muskies. And lets not forget what he does to Mosquito's walleye ,that is until he gets his freezer so full he can't close the door anymore. lol I've followed him around Skeeter a couple times now, fishing basically the same way he was, with not even close to the same results. Somebody as successful as John could very easily develope an attitude but that's the good part about him. He's as nice a guy as you'll want to meet.

    Congrates John, on a fantastic week of WB fishing.
  12. Old VERBOSE Graybeard,
    Enough!!! Meeting people like you and MANY others on this board, has added a great deal to my life, SERIOUSLY. I have fished since I could walk, thanks to my Father, and now at my young age of 60, I realize that the friends, the sunrises, the smell of two stroke oil the first time the motor starts in March, mean far more than any fish I have ever caught. I fish, as we all do here, and I LOVE THE TIME ON THE WATER.
  13. I Just Checked My Odometer On My Gps On The Boat And I Put 2107 Miles This Year Trolling For Muskies Only. Thank God I Got A 4 Stroke 9.9 Or I Wouldn't Be Able To Afford To Put Gas In The Boat. Them Were Some Nice Fish You Boated This Week, And Luck Has Alot To Do With Catching Muskies Sometime You Just Got To Be In The Right Spot At The Right Time. I Beleive Time On The Water Is The Only Way To Fish For Them. However 3 Fish Over 40 In 3 Days, You Must Be Doing Something Right. What Color Lures Are You Catching All Them Fish On And How Deep You Getting Them Down And Are You Trolling Fast Or Slow? You Ever Try Casting At West Branch For Them? I Guess 3 Fish Over 50 Been Caught There In The Past 2 Weeks Too. Anybody Ever Have Any Luck At Night Time There? Saltfork Is A Nice Lake To Fish But A Little Too Far To Drive. Well Any Info Would Be Appreciated And I Hope You Guys Continue To Catch Fish Out There. Not Many Pewople Fish For Muskies And Thats Why The State Don't Stock That Many. Thats Great All You Guys Are Practicing Cpr On All Your Fish. You Guys Seem To Have All Your Stuff Going Good Out There. I Love To Be On The Water More Than Anything. Leesville Is Also Known For Catching Alot Of Fish Because It Is The Heaviest Stocked Lake In Ohio But It Does Get Alot Of Pressure, West Branch Is Next I Beleive. Keep A Tite Line Guys.