West Branch, 7/24, weather change...

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  1. It felt good fishing in the cold rain this morning. Caught a 37" and the 43 1/2" pictured. Both were caught on a Depthraider, one on a hump, one suspended over open water. The Depthraider nicked a gill, but he looked fine when released. John
  2. Man, you sure got the number on them muskies. Beautiful fish. How deep are you running your plugs , if you don't mind me asking ?

  3. Nice ... them fish are pure butes!!!!!

    thanks for sharing and the great pic..... i gotta get me one them soon....

    these walleye are getting boring!!!!LOL

  4. Luredaddy I think you might be in the running for the next angle of the month photo. Nice catch.
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    You're killin' me man. If I'm counting right that's 4 big ones in 2 days. I haven't caught 4 big ones all year. You are the master! I was going to post about a nice 'eye I caught at WB yesterday, but I've been humbled.
  6. Brian,
    As I mentioned to you, no master here!!!! I have them figured out, but tomorrow is another day, it could all change. As I mentioned, I checked my book from last year, made 14 trips to the Branch in August, ZERO, NOTHING,NADA... It is fun.
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    You are definately on a roll. I just hope you don't give them all sore mouths before us weekend guys get a chance at them:D
  8. Trolled a couple hours last night with nothing. ALOT of marks and bait but that east wind died pretty quick! Most the bait went into 15 and less by midnight.
  9. Thanks for the pm luredaddy.