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  1. Mondays at the Branch can be tough after a weekend of pleasure boaters, and a two day Musky tournament. Floating weeds are usually a problem, I even saw lily pads floating today. I managed to catch a 42 1/4", and a 40 1/2", trolling over deep water with large crankbaits. It can be interesting , targeting suspended fish. Both fish were strong when released. John
  2. GOOD GRAVY!!!

    Nice fish!!!

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    Lure Daddy is on a hot summer bite!!

    Good Job...keep on spankin those WB ski's!!
  4. wow!!!

    I am impressed.... thanks for sharing and great pics!!!!

  5. Geez, I hope I never start fishing for those. It could be the start of a whole new obsession.
  6. real nice... gotta get me some of those
  7. Nice fish John!!!!!!!!!! Chunks!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Good job John!!! Don't beat up on them too bad this week, I am hoping to get back out there soon:D
  9. Great fish Luredaddy, you are the Muskie King.... Do you do any casting at West Branch ? or strictly a troller
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    Yes indeed I think it would be. I am starting to get obsessed with it:D
  12. Great job John. Two nice ones. I was out this morning and again this evening and got skunked. Mostly trolled by the dam but hit a few other spots. Not one hit today. I was consoling myself with the facts you mentioned (weekend/tournament) until I saw your post. Now the excuses are gone.
  13. Congratulations, Luredaddy, those are excellent!:D
  14. Call me chicken, but just another reason I prefer swimming in cement ponds!!!:p