West Branch 7/21

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    Fished WB this morning at sunrise. It was a cool start to the day with a very beautiful sunrise which I got a pic of. I love mornings like this. Anyways I was after muskie and started by casting a few weed beds for the first couple of hours. I ended up getting a bite but it turned out to be a pike about 26". I then decided to switch to trolling and made contact with a nice 38" fish. It was suspended in 25fow. I got it on a beefed up #9 Risto Rap. I was by myself and my self photography skills are not as good as luredaddy's:D ( I will have to work on that) so all I have is a pic of the fish in the net. I had just looked at the rod and it bounced kind of funny so I took it out of the holder to see if I had picked up a small fish. I held it for a second and then made about 2 cranks on the handle when the fish slammed the bait. It was kinda neat feeling the fish hit like that. Can't wait to get back out and try again. Here are a couple of pics:


  2. Good for you!!! Like I told you, you never know!!! Sounds like he did not hit hard, when they hammer it, and you think the rod and holder are going to break, it gets your heart thumping even more. NICE FISH!!!!

  3. Great pics! Way to go on the ski!!
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    Nice Musky. You caught exactly 2 more fish than I did today!
  5. Cant beat that for a day on the water! I have been wanting to see a sunrise like that all summer, Being boatless this year due to having just had a house built the only sunrises I have got to see so far are on my way to work:p thanks for the pictures,gives me insperation for a boat and getting back on the water by next year.
  6. Great job and nice fish. It's fun isn't it. I took my wife and daughter out this evening. We didn't get any but had a couple hits.
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    Thanks BigDaddy300 for the report and beautiful pics. :B ;)
  8. Awesome pic sir.

    We were there at the same time. We launched about 6:15....sunrise and fog were incredible.

    Started along the dam....got one nice smallie that escaped as I reached in to grab him.

    We trolled up a little 26" muskie off the corner of the riprap along the campground.

    Beautiful day.
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    I was thinking about that later. I had always imagined a hit being as you described. I think maybe the fish just swam up to the bait and sucked it in.

    Thanks for the comments guys. It was a very peaceful and relaxing morning, up until it started to get crazy:D Mornings like that sometimes make me wish that I worked weekends so I could enjoy the peacefulness all day long during the week like some others(you know who you are:D :D )
  10. Way to go, Rick!

    I can see you're on you way to being thoroughly addicted.

    I don't know if you remember, but the day I met you an John, I told you both to run away while you still can!

    Lol, too late now!:D
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    Yeah I remember:D Once I hook up with a :B casting it will definately be too late.