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West Branch 7/18

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by luredaddy, Jul 18, 2007.

  1. It is nice to be back on the water. Caught this chunky 40" Musky suspended over deep water. Saw a 31" Walleye caught on a Musky Lure, it also was released.
  2. NewbreedFishing

    NewbreedFishing High Speed Angling


  3. Nice fish! It's interesting to know fish that big are in there when I fall off of my jet ski!
  4. BigDaddy300

    BigDaddy300 multi species angler

    Great job John:) That is a nice fish. Did you catch it on the usual:D ? I have to get out there soon.
  5. Rick,
    I caught it on a Storm Lightning Shad.
  6. Way to go John. Save some for me. I'm on vacation starting Friday!!! I just got back from Gander. I'm now equipped with a very large net. lol
  7. BigDaddy300

    BigDaddy300 multi species angler

    I have a couple of those. They dig deep. I do not like the colors of the ones I have so I am thinking of painting them. They stopped making those a few years back right?
  8. Nice fish John!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is chunky!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. esox62

    esox62 BORN TOO LATE

    yes, excellent catch daddio! i was thinkin the other day i havent seen a fish at 40" yet posted on this site. seems im missin the good bite lately. im still lookin for a vehicle as my van blew up on the way to clearfork a month ago...glad you guys are havin action and a few new muskieheads are in for the long haul i god bless, good luck, and release em all...luckymusky.
  10. zachtrouter

    zachtrouter FISHAHOLIC

    That thing is a beast nice fish!
  11. Whaler

    Whaler Whaler

    Luredaddy, where have you been ?
  12. liquidsoap

    liquidsoap Pay-it-foward fisherman

    That thing is a chunk!
    Awesome fish!
  13. Lure Daddy we were out there yesterday as well. Took one that was only about 34" on a black/gold Sisson. Lot's of fish breaking the surface, and rolling. We trolled the bridge area quite a bit, and concentrated on the humps and ledges. Did you take yours on a deep flat, or off of a hump? The fog was awful in the morning! By the way, how far back were you running your lures yesterday?
  14. Took my brother out Friday at 5 PM until dark. My bro got a small one and I had one ripping line but it got off before I had the rod in hand.