West Branch 6/12

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  1. The bite has been sporadic at best this week. If you are there when the window opens, you have a good chance of catching a fish. Pic is of the best one so far this week, 46". SHE?? appeared to be pretty beat up from spawning. Short lining, 5' to 15', on weed edges and shallow bars is working for me. Water clarity is improving, and the lack of boats, pleasure/fishing, is obvious to me. John

  2. Great fish! Sounds like you may of been the first to pull a lunge at that cloudy lake called West Branch.. :) Congrats!

  3. PapawSmith

    PapawSmith Bud n Burgers

    About time LD, been waiting months for you to start posting great photos again. I have to say that when your fishin and postin, your photos and reports are second to none and I appreciate them greatly.
    Thanks and please keep it up.
  4. Great job and what a beautiful fish! I second what Papa said....I watch for your reports not because I muskie fish but because the pics/reports are great.
  5. Nice fish John, I was out with Vince last night and had no luck. The lake was tore up from the pleasure watercrafts. Hard to troll for us with all weeds floating around. I was really suprised how cloudy the water was.

    Nice fish!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Tigger,
    John, you and Vince together Musky fishing!! You did not catch a fish!! I wonder why??

    "Vince, what do you think of Claro Walnut for gliders?? John, it is good but Rosewood secretes oils that attract fish!! Vince, what hooks are you using??" John, how are the molded baits turning out??

    The reels were going off, you two could not hear them!! Two of the greatest bait makers together, go to a restaurant, relax, discuss!!!;) :)
  7. Nice John. I've been wondering if you have been chasing the muskies yet. I hope to get a couple more this weekend.
  8. LMAO. I think he must have been following us, John!

    Congratulations, Luredaddy. That is a bona fide HAWG!
  9. Nice fish!

    Sounds like a TV show in waiting... "Fishing with Tigger and Vince"! :)