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West Branch 5/8 (Saturday)

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Big Daddy, May 8, 2004.

  1. Without a doubt, the best day of the year thus far on the crappies out there. My buddy Chris and I absolutely SLAMMEd them today. Ended up catching in the neighborhood of 60+ fish. The majority on the long rods, but found some deeper in 8-10 FOW. They were SLAMMING the jigs today!

    We kept 34 for the fryer. Oh well, off to clean some slabs! All our fish were caught at assorted locations West of Rock Springs Rd.

  2. Bigggcountry and I did pretty well today at West Branch too, not as good as you guys but we had fun! We brought home 32 total for a decent and fun day. Finally some fresh crappie in my refrigerator. Today was my first day using a 10' crappie pole, was pretty interesting but by the end of the day I had her licked....

  3. Bigggcountry

    Bigggcountry All American

    It was a pretty good day for, we had to look around for them. When we found them it was on.... All the slabs I cleaned were females except 3. Most we caught on long rods. Color seemed to be white or something with white in it.