West Branch 4/27

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  1. Hit the lake about 4:30, fished for over 2 hours with only one crappie a 13 incher, then finally find a nice cove where the water was 60 degrees and me and my brother got into them between 1 and 4 feet of water.ended up catching close to 75 crappie kept 17 that were over 11 inches, had 6 that went over 13 and the biggest was a 15 incher. started of the day bad but ended real good.
  2. i live on berlin and wanted to start fishing west branch any shore access were there isent going to be a million people around you?

  3. shorebound, if you dont mind walking a bit, i know a place. it is off of porter road. take porter till it dead ends, go right, there is a turn-around a couple of hundred yards down, you park there. last time i was there it was grown over with brush but there is a path to the right of the guard rail. it is an old road bed, follow it all the way to the end, maybe 100 yards. it opens up to a bay. have caught nice cats, bass and even a couple of muskies there. also, if you cut through the woods to the right of the road bed it will take you to a back bay. have caught nice fish there too, mostly at night. usually wait till water goes down a bit in the summer. have never seen more than a couple of cars at any time down there. hope this gives you a place to start at. good fishin'
  4. I was going to recommend the same area that sirdude did. This time of year, shouldn't be crowded at all. Tack137, you guys should have been in the tournament!
  5. yeah i know, unfortunately i had to work saturday from 9-5 or i would of been there.
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    All along Cable Line Rd, the portion west of Rock Springs Rd is shoreline you can access if you are willing to walk through the woods. Some very good areas too for crappie right now and cats all summer long.