West Branch 4/12/08

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  1. Decided to brave the weather with OGF member "Prez" (Walt) to see how the crappies were hitting. Tried a bunch of spots, shallow, deep, in between... It was pretty slow. The wind was pretty brutal too. It was interesting though, when the wind direction was changing and the cold front hit, the fish started to bite. They hit for about a half hour, holding tight to wood in 9 ft of water. All were caught on minnows. Later in the afternoon, it got pretty chilly out there. Rainy too!

    Water was muddy, muddy, muddy and cold. Another week or so and it should be on out there. Kept 9 for the fryer, threw back 6 more...


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    Good job guys!!! Way to brave the elements.

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    BD........Glad you got out to my neck of the woods.....Sorry for the crappy weather........all those 70's, earlier in the week, sure were much better to fish in.THANKS for your pic's also...........always enjoy them.....Glad you didn't get "skunked" though........Be sure to get back here......when the big girls get on the bite......Jon SR.
  4. Good job Carl. I wanted to go after some crappie this weekend but didn't want to take the kids out in the weather. Next weekend should be a little nicer.
  5. Looks like you did pretty good, especially with the windy and cold front conditions.
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  7. When the fish were hitting, they were slamming it. The slip bobber would drift along, and when it got to the "glory hole" in front of the wood, WHAM! Bobber gone. It was instant... Nothing left but bubbles! I love that action!

    There were a couple that didn't even budge the float, it just stopped drifting. Remember, for the light biters, watch the action of your slip bobber in the drift. If anything changes the action, no matter how small, set the hook.
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    Hey Carl, i found them over here too. Deep stumps. They slammed the spoons with minnows, slow trolled just above them. I put a pic in the delaware thread. Pick a day.:p
  9. I was out from 1pm to 5:30pm and we landed a 7" and 9"er. That was first time I took the boat to the no wake area. I'll definitely be back when this cold front moves out, all those bays and fallen trees looked great. I was surprised how deep WB is. I couldn't believe how close you can get to the banks by the trees and still be in 10' to 12' of water. Good to hear some you guys caught fish. I saw 2 guys west of Rock Springs in the afternoon who said they got some, and another 2 guys when I pulled the boat out that got em too. Maybe I'm losing my touch.
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    You're braver then me for sure, I got as far as putting the batteries
    in the boat and have a 25+mph gust run up my back. Thats when I
    said, "Not today."
    Congrats on a good day.