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West Branch 3-26

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by fffffish, Mar 26, 2005.

  1. fffffish

    fffffish Muskie 1 Trolling Thunder

    I Checked out the west ramp today there is a lot of open water you can now launch a 20-foot or bigger boat there. There is still a lot of slush I have to call it slush because it is less than and inch thick and so soft small rocks go right through with out even bouncing. There is still some slosh between the ramp and bridge. The bridge area is open there is also open water from the first point across from the ramp to all around goose island. A boat would be able move through the slush with out much difficulty. There was a car and trailer in the parking lot it looked like he went toward the bridge but I could not see him anywhere. There was 2 boats out that launch down by Rt.14 off of Knapp all of that area is open also. I talked to the guy that runs West Branch bait and tackle He told me there are a few pike being caught and one guy brought in 2 nice walleye both over 5lbs. I would go out tomorrow but I have to work. I think all of the ice will be gone by next weekend for sure it might even be gone by Wednesday. Also Rocksprings road is closed between the campground entrance and the bridge it looks like they are replacing a culvert. It wont be long now
  2. I know a couple guys that were out west of Knapps. Ill keep u posted.
    The culvert was backed up last I fished it. THANKS AGAIN! BOB GOOD POST! :cool:

  3. I talked to the guy that put in at Rock ramp. Nothin caught but they broke the ice to the bridge were he put the most fish on the graph and headed to
    Pike creek. :eek: 4in of ice they plowed through! :D :D NO wonder its slush. The temp in Pike is 46 :eek: One thing about that bridge is they can be spooked easy! ;)
  4. I was out in my kayak yesterday. Put in by Knapp Rd. The water was REALLY low there. Paddled out until I ran into slush. I was hoping to catch a pike or two... nada. Did see some carp playin in the shallows. We really are behind a cpl weeks for this time of the year. I think in a week or two things will turn on. Didn't catch any fish, but it was a great day for a paddle. Saw some beautiful ducks too... including Buffleheads and Scaups.
  5. hmnmnmn carp in the shallows
    I may have to put out a chum pile ;)
  6. They been with the shad up there for about a week or so. This next rain should change everything. The Army Corps. will open the gates at Skeeter and WB soon and shutting Berlin and Milton. Changes current and the ice be gone by Wed. That will turn things up. One lake they leave the bridge and the other they run to it. Got to fish the right bridge! ;)