West Branch 12 Sep 07

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    See "Fired up the airbrush" under Tackle Making for details. (See post #172 on page 18 of the that thread)
  2. mirrocraft mike

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    Another W.B. Muskie !!! Man I'm starting to think between you ,luredaddy and madmac. That these are the same three fish and you all keep passing them back and forth to take pics. Just Kidding Nice catch . W.B. is another lake i would love to get to this year.

    Had To be a thrill catching a ski on your homemade lure. You do excellant work my friend . Great read on the process. Any plans on selling a few ???

  3. He's on to us guys. We need a couple different fish to show. lol

    Nice fish Vince. Stubbydudes must rock.
  4. mirrocraft mike

    mirrocraft mike Now in a Alumacraft

    Thinking about this a little more . Lets talk about that Pikeski you caught. You did say you never noticed the spots until after you posted your picture. I guess you all tried to throw us a curve on that one .With vc111 airbrushing skills . I'm sure adding those spots were no problem for him ;) When can i get in on the act ???

    Still joking ,Don't want anyone else to think the wrong thing
    I know you all have spent hours on the lake fine tuning your tricks on the trade
  5. Mirrocraft Mike, thanks for the kind words. I don't sell baits, but I'm working on something like that... I'll post the details on Fired up the airbrush" if it works out. The baits will be available for next to nothing if I can swing this. Stay tuned.

    MadMac, I returned the fish to your place. Don't forget to change the water and feed him.:D :D :D
  6. You serious muskie guys are certainly showing some awesome West Branch fish this year. That lake has sure got em!

    Beautiful fish....thanks for the pic post.

    Fished WB wednesday also. Ya gotta love cooler weather and no jetjerks.

    Our highlight was a 6.5 lb cat on an ultralight. My buddy did an awesome job coaxing him up off the bottom ...ever so gently. On the third attempt, the fish turned and swam into the net. Many thanks to the netgods!
  7. Vince, maybe we could paint him up to look like a striper!
  8. Ya! You dont see many of them.:D
  9. BigDaddy300

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    Great job Vince!!! Nice fish!!!

    You guys are killing me with these muskie reports:D I have not been out in some time because I still have not finished the boat. In my defense I have not had a lot of time to work on it. It has been very busy at work and I have been putting in some overtime trying to get ready for the very hard winter that they are predicting( I am in the new home construction trades) This past week has been crazy with my better half being in the hospital all week. So the boat got put on the bottom of the list. I am almost finished so when I do get a chance to work on it, it wont take me long.

    See you guys on the water soon:D
  10. Nice catch I'm hoping to get out and catch a few before they quit bitin....i wanna get one near the high 40's that would be sweet.....biggest i got this year was 43.....also it is unbeleivable how productive west branch has beeen this year....if me and danadelman can go out and troll and get one then just about anyone can....haha....last year danadelman and i spent probably close to 200-300 dollars on lures rods and reels just to catch one little guy that was 30 inches....lol....nice catch again and good luck the next time out....anybody know the water level at Wb?
  11. Love2troll, the water temp is about 71 degrees (as of yesterday) and the level is about the same as the last time you were there and caught that nice musky. (Larry and I were the guys in the boat next to you, talking with you when you were netting it.)

    Good luck out there and I hope you hang a real hog. The fish seem to be shallower now, and it seems to be an evening bite. Don't hesitate to fish till the very last minute of the day. I hooked and lost one a few days ago, right at the boat when it was so dark, you were almost afraid to figure 8.:D