west Branch 11/17/08

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  1. fffffish

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    Just got back from West Branch boated a 42 and a 32 at 1200 and 1230 bait fish were stacked in west ramp area I snagged at least 20 2inch shad in the 3 ½ hours I was there. The 42 came on a Little Ernie perch the 32 on a Little Ernie chartreuse with gold scales black back. 75 feet of line and 3.8 mph for both the 32 had Red Spot BAD It was snowing so bad by the time I left there was a least 2”of snow in my boat at times I could not see the bridge or the ramp from the middle of the bay water temp is down to 45 I did no see any other boats on the lake and the parking lot was empty. I would have stayed out longer but Buck my beagle started to whine and shiver bad so I had to come in. Funny thing both fish hit during the few times the sun was shining.
  2. Good job Rick. I would have joined you if my daughter wasn't sick.

  3. esox62

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    nice job rick! ive seen some redspot on muskies there too, but not for a few years . hope its not widespread. great day...
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    fffffish.....Great job on such a tough weather ride. As I passed over the bridge on RSR.....I noticed this boat in the distance (must have been between squalls) and there was this large white object standing up-right in the bow. Was that you? Or did you really have enough time between squalls to build that elaborate of a "SNOWMAN" or was that you just trying to shake off all that white camo.........."Just kiddin"......but I admire your dedication and It makes me think back to times like that, when I was few years younger..... and my son-in-law would say, "what's a few inches of snow in the boat"..... fffffish, "YOU ARE A TRUE MASTER OF THE ELEMENTS".....and It does have it's own rewards......Great fishin to you....Jon SR. PS. My dog would have kicked me over-board, tossed me an extra PFD and bad mouthed(BARKED) at me..........all the way to the ramp as he pulled away, for keeping him out in that kind of weather......
  5. Lewzer

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    I figured the weather was too crappy this past weekend for the musky get together but after reading your post I'm not so sure.
    Did anyone show and camp? Any musky caught this past weekend?
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    There were a few camping Friday night and a good turnout Saturday I think 6 or 7 boats maybe more but only heard of 1 fish was caught. When I went back out to the campground Saturday night with some firewood and a bottle of Crown everyone I knew had left but I don’t blame them they had to be soaked after all that rain and I think all of them fished in open boats I have a full enclosure and I was got wet. As for my dog on Monday I think he was just being a good actor because when we got back to the ramp he took of into the woods and I did not see him again until I was ready to leave and had to call him back. He must have coverd the woods all around the west ramp.

    I hope to get out at least 1 more time this week. I will be heading down to Salt Fork to fish the day after thanksgiving with some freinds some of you should try to make it out we have always had good luck then.
  7. Which ramp do you use at Salt Fork I want to get out one more time also.
  8. fffffish

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    We use Morninglory down by the dam. I have a 20ft Chaparral with a Honda 130hp on the back and (Muskie 1) printed in hologram on the sides. If it is cold or bad weather the boat will have a burgundy enclosure up.
  9. Great work, fffffish! I bet the pleasure boater traffic problem has diminished somewhat too.:D

    I used to musky fish until ice up. It is pretty wild to be out there with several inches of snow on the boat. I remember casting spoons in the bays and having them bounce off the ice near the shore line.
  10. Going Sunday morning about 0900 in my brother's 17' Lund/50 E-Tec. Anyone else going?