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  1. It was a perfect morning for Fall Musky Fishing, wind, clouds, rain. On a morning like this you always have high hopes for a HAWG, that did not happen.:( I did catch this nicely marked, chunky 31" juvenile though.:) Caught just east of Rockspring , in 20' of water, running a Super Shad 8' down, shad color. The water is nice, 46 degrees and hopefully there are a few more trips left before the weather turns for the worse. John

  2. Gee, should of gone to W.B. today instead of Skeeter. Could of gotten a Musky lesson! Nice healthy looking fish John. Ruminator and I had skeeter to ourselves today. Water temps the same there (by my machine). Managed to catch enough to make the day interesting. Caught about 6-7 eyes, mostly small. biggest was a 17.

    Take care, Tom

  3. BigDaddy300

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    Very nice John!!! Nice markings indeed. Still time to get that :B Still hoping to get there 1 more time myself.
  4. Nice fish man! Was hoping to get up there also if the weather turns bad. Sure is fun having the hole place to yourself.:B
  5. Jig,
    You have that right! I launched at the East ramp around 9 AM, no one in the lot or on water. When I trolled to Rockspring, there was a friend's trailer there. Saw one other boat when I left at 2:30. Hopefully the weather will hold for awhile.
  6. Nice fish John. Beautiful markings on that one! The whole lake to yourself.......... I love it!
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    Dang i come home with no deer smelling like fox whizz and you are still getting slimed by Muskies. You sure know now to make a fella feel bad about winterizing his boat :D . Nice job as always . Good looking ski
  8. mike ,why put your boat away ?? you can fish till it freeze;s over , lol. those deer sure can hide . seems they disappear during hunting season.
  9. That's a sight for sore eyes John. Now if I can just shake this cold/flu there will be time with the holiday coming.
  10. A thing of beauty! That pic is enough to make ya want to go fishing. Maybe not the hawg you were hoping for..... but certainly a nice hookup.

    Might be time to put the rock salt and a ice chipper in the back of the truck.
  11. Oh, man, please don't post anymore pictures. I've got the boat all winterized and now I'm tempted to go at it again!;)

    Good job, John.
  12. That's a nice looking fish!! I have never fished for muskie, I was thinking of trying it out next year(early spring). I hear that's a good time to fish for them.
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    awesome fish... I haven't winterized my boat yet and am hoping to take it out a few more times I just cant stray away from the steelhead...Its going to be nice tom and i have the day off but i have to go catch some steel...I just have to... Maybe take the boat out during my winter break...I think i can launch her without the ramps ne ways...
  14. Ruminator

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    Beautiful fish luredaddy. The markings and colors are great.

    Tom, it was good seeing you again. chaunc and I hunted around for crappies and gills that would play with us. We played with a couple dozen or so, and kept a small portion for the skillet.
    It was a great time on the water shared with a friend. :B
  15. mirrocraft mike

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    I hear ya BH.
    Have to store the boat outside this year. Got it skrunk wrapped and wanted to make sure it was dry on the inside. Makes it a little hard to hearing about you all catching a few hogs , But still enjoy reading about them .
    On a side note did manage two does on Friday
  16. Lewzer

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    Are the docks out yet? I've been perching and haven't been out there since the 27th.

  17. Docks are in. I was told Wednesday that they may be in for two more weeks. It all depends on the help available.
  18. Lewzer

    Lewzer Powderfinger

    Excellent. I want to do some crappie fishing without dragging the boat out there.