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West Branch 10/25/2004

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Lewzer, Oct 26, 2004.

  1. Lewzer

    Lewzer Powderfinger

    The bosses are on a "business" trip to disneyworld in Orlando since last Saturday golfing at $200/round courses and drinking $200/bottle wines so I decided my work wasn't important either.
    Hit WB about 2:00 yesterday looking for the crappie that have been on the last 6 weeks. It was a slow day overall, only had 3 in the livewell from our first brushpile. Didn't check the water temp. Water is rather turbid.
    It was a beautiful day. The leaves are on the decline but the sun was hot!
    Wish I left the longjohns at home.
    All in all a slow day for most. No walleye either from the people we talked to. The walleye have been slow since they started dropping the water exposing the humps. You can catch 1 or 2 nice ones but the numbers and limits haven't been there.

    When we were unloading the boat there was a guy in a bass boat that pulled up said he had a muskie in his livewell and wanted a picture taken. He had found a lure floating (a black/silver Jake? about 10"), tied it on and caught a nice muskie. I'm no muskie expert, never caught one, but I'd guessimate it was about 35" and about 20lb. Beautiful green color with a bright vivid red tailfin. He took it out to the channel after the pictures and let it go.

    The Cable Line Road launch is closed again. The ranger woman we talked to said they are going to keep it closed till they finished. Apparently they have been opening it on the weekends and closing it on weekdays. Last weekend someone parked in the lot overnight and the state had to tow it, trailer and all, so they could work on the lot. It was towed at the state's expense. They didn't want the liability if something happened to the vehicle. Don't know why they didn't print a simple notice on the computer and post it at the launch ramp that the lot will be closed at XXX time. Must be too complicated or logical for a govt. worker.
    I immediately thought Reel Family! Was that you guys out there?

    Last Friday, 10/22, the crappie were a bit hungrier. Don't remember how many we caught, didn't count. Took 5 slabs home for the fryer released many more. The water temp. was 57-59F down to 10' depth.