West Branch 1-3-05

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    Water level has come up quite a bit since Saturday and has changed from clear to a dark chocolate milk color. Ice is clearing out of west end might be gone soon. Can go as far as fist point after bridge with out having breaking ice.
  2. Sounds Like The Fish Are On The Move Again! With Any Luck They Will Move Vertical Instead Of To Deeper Water.
    The Past Few Years Around Ice Up You Can Load The Graph With Fish Just West Of The Campgrounds. Some Of The Bigger Fish Wait Till Ice Up To Suspend. I Got The Boat Out And Got Some Tags For First Light!
    Thanks Fishhhhhh! :)

  3. Man Rick you're killing me with your reports of getting out fishing while I'm stuck with my boat torn apart... You going down to Pittsburgh this weekend for the expo??? I'm a little dissapointed that Joe Bucher isn't going to be there this year, but it sounds like they've got some good ones lined up also. I'm thinking I may go down Saturday morning/afternoon and run over to Cabelas afterwards to return some stuff I got that was missing parts.

  4. Went Out Today And Boated A Couple Eyes.one Just Over Two Foot.
    The Ice Was Still Just West Of Rock Springs But The Lake Is Only Two Ft Below Normal Pool. Water Temps At The Camp Ground Are 33
    And At Rock Springs Is "43". :d
    Most Fish Were Posted In Small Bays. The Bait Fish With The Larger Fish I Could Find Were On The North Shore Bar Across From West Boat Ramp. Some Lay On The Bottom And Some Were Moving In
    5 Feet Of Water Or Less.
    Jig :)
  5. Tthe Water Is So Stained That My Graph Would Pick It Up! I Think The Fire Line And Red Lures Are Best. I Found The Smaller Baits Trolled In 5-15 Ft Of Water At A Depth Of 6(baitfish). My Pole Twitched As I Ran Through Them Intill I Got A Hit.
    I Might Be Wrong But The Water Level Determines The Time And The Water Temp The Place.(pending On Spieces) I Think Ill Wait Till Sunday Again And Start Throwing.
    Jig :) :) :)
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    sounds good, thanks for the info, might see me out there.