West Branch 06/23/2007

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  1. Lewzer

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    Hit my favorite lake again Saturday afternoon. Started on the dam side. Fished the drop offs new shallow water but too many boats and mosquitos in that area. Tried the big weedy sandbar at the entrance of Jay lake but again nothing. Lots of boat traffic. Sometimes it bothers the fish and sometimes doesn't
    Went down to the no wake area for the rest of the night and fished the shallow weedbeds on the north side of the lake. Caught two walleyes and a few small crappie and bluegills. This was caught in 1-2' on the weedline edges.


    This was a 22" walleye. It doesn't appear to be that large because I'm holding it close to my body. The other was 14" with the nice yellow color and went back in.
    Fish were caught on a orange glow Roadrunner with a willow blade at dusk as usual.
    Crappie and bluegill were caught trolling a crankbait.

    Nice day out but it got cold as the sun went down. I prefer the 80-95 degree days.
  2. Ruminator

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    Mike you can have all those hot days! LOL :D

    Nice fish and report/pic Mike. ;) No kidding, walleye on a roadrunner! :B

    -I've got to get out there later this week before taking my bro and his father-in-law out next weekend.

  3. Lewzer

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    Ask Misfit about the Roadrunners.

    They have bigger ones now, They have them with nice big Gamagasku hooks and they have them with willow blades too.
    I like them for crappie but everything hits those things just upsize to the big ones.
    I got no hits whatsoever on my 1/16 and 1/8 oz jigs with 3' twister and piece of meat for taste.
    I was out till about 1:00AM.