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Lucky Fisher, or skilled?
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Me and my dad went to the Darby Bends today. Fished for about 2 hours. fished a new pond (one we have not fished) and did ok i guess. i got about 1lb 1/2 bass. but it died. i hooked it kinda deep, i could get the hook out with ease and knew it. i know the rule just cut the line. But i got the hook, no trouble at all as easy as getting out of its lip. the fish was flop'n and full of life even after i got the hook out. took the pic and let it go, it shot right off into the bank, then floated on its side. it was kicking and trying to go under but could not. i checked to see if it had to much air in it or something, by lookinf in its mouth to see if there was that bubble thing, it all looked normal. the fish just did not make it for some odd reason, when we tried to bring it back and ahold of it, it would jump and fight, but on its own nothing, just a kick here and there. had it out of the water for about 1min and tried getting to take off for about 10.
My dad got a LM and a 3inch Gill lol. all got on texas rigged worms. an ok day but could have been better. got to the car right when it started raining. then got out of it and home then the right caught back up to us and hit us again. lol caught in the same storm twice :D .

here are they pics.

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