Went to the Tree Stand and what a suprise

Discussion in 'The Lodge' started by fishcrazy, Nov 3, 2007.

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    Someone Stole my complete Ladder stand. The woods I hunt has a lot of hunters next field over. I think I know who has it. What would you do? I have not talked to the land owner, but he will be hot! The problem is that alot of the people in the other fields are friends or so called friends. You know the cost of the stand is not the issue its hunting in the woods with thieves, just kills the spirit of the wild. It was a great hunting place, 5 minutes from the house maybe he will let me put up a permanent stand.

    Just venting Fishcrazy
  2. Beat em, kick em Shoot em, and feed them to the hogs!

  3. That is what I would do, Talk to the landowner about the missing stand, my brother and I have had 3 total stolen in a 2 year period.We only suspect who the culpret or culpret's are but how can you prove it. Heck I went to get in mine on one of those days and the other landowner and I am not kidding cut the whole tree down and took mine. It was in a tree just inches right on our side of the fence row, I guess because some of the branches hung over on his side it belonged to him also, it is where the trunk of the tree sets as far as I am concerned,I could not believe what I was seeing. Talked to the owner and he looked at us and said, You know what do whatever you want back there so we now have 7 permanent stands built. It does become a money issue when you have that many stolen. I hate thieves.
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    they used to do it all the time now we make permanet ones! made of old ants. aint no way someboys stealin them!!!!! its really mean how ppl do that though!! It is law that if your stand is on their property its theirs! Its even worse when ya walk out ther and someones i your stand :-( but to stomp it id listen to TomC ;)
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    I have not had a stand stolen as of yet, (knock on wood) but I do recall years ago that I had done my homework and placed a stand where I knew a nice buck would be coming out to feed at a old apple tree. I knew I couldn't hunt it till the evenings after work. Well one evening a few days after I had placed that stand I went out to hunt it. When I climbed up to get into it. someone had left me a little something to remember that buck. The dirty low down heathans left me the genitalia. That was 30 years ago and it still burns me. :mad:
  6. I can't stand thieves. We haven't had any problems with thieves, but have had problems with trespassers. Nothing is better than having one of them walk past you as your in the stand and you yell at them and scare the crap out of them. There is nothing they can do...their caught!
  7. You could put up signs saying "Theves and Trespassers will be shot on sight. Then in small writing put "No warning shots will be fired." I say Take no prisoners, we paid for the stuff, just because theres some lazy bastard out there that cant work and buy his own stuff aint no reason to go and steal someone elses.
  8. Yep, I know what you are feeling. I had my tree stand stolen too a few years back, my decoy, and then my bow and gear as well from my truck. Hunting has a lot of low life people associated with it. Not sure why, but as an outdoorsman sport - it just has the most low-life dogs out there. Take a guess at how much poaching and trespassing these a-holes are doing. My remedy is now to fly the broad-headed bolts into the femur of these jerks without warning! No more talk, just nail 'em and quietly sneak out in the other direction.
  9. For my Son

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    The first year I took my son hunting, I made a big deal taking him out of school early(Fri), going out and showing him the trails and why we where going to set the buddy stand up in that spot. He didnt sleep at all, we got out to the spot and the stand was gone. Less than 14hrs had passed!!!:mad:
    Someone had to have seen me go back there and when I pulled out they must have pulled right in behind me. I was so angry and my son looked like he was gonna cry.
    It is private land but everyone has permission to hunt so I have no idea who did it. Since then I have invested in some high quality locks and chains. They would actually have to do some work now and knock on wood its been 3 seasons and we still have the new stand.
  10. fishcrazy....I know your feeling, I just posted over in "Bowhunting"...had ladder sticks, screw-in steps and 2 stands stolen that were locked down. Discovered it Sat morning...was excited for the hunt and all went downhill when I got to the tree and all was gone. Money not that much, but ruining a hunt on a beautiful morning made me sick.
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    I hate the thieves too. I've not had any tree stands stolen but I've had some permanent stands shot up and tore up. I only hunt out of my climber now. It can limit me on spots but I don't have the money to be financing these other idiots and their poaching and thievery games.
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    I don't know about all of you guys, but I would think twice about stealing something if you know that the person who may catch you will definately be armed with some sort of weapon. And while he or she may not be inclined to necessarily use it on you, you will definately be limping from some sort of negative physical contact. I'm brand new to hunting, and just hearing your stories makes me feel like somebody would walk out of the woods carrying one of my arrows and not voluntarily if it happened to me.
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    By the way, I want to thank Deerslayer1, a close buddy of mine who introduced me to my first deer hunt. I'm sure we'll have many more.
  14. I've been out at CC and found ladder stands,I would'nt think of touching any 1 of them.The way I stumbled across them was following flags.So if I was to leave astand I sure would't leave a marked trail.By the way if you take astand on public land you have to take it out the same day.
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    What happened to people being courteous and respecting another hunter? If it’s not yours don’t touch it. I have all my ladder stands cable locked but if they want it bad enough they will get it. If you steal a stand I hope you fall out of it. Karma will get them.
  16. Hunting Buddy had his taken, but little did the "former friend (thief)" know that the trail cam he didn't know about showed him carrying it away. It was an un-easy feeling for him to look at that picture in my buddies hand. If I had the money I would invest in a cam to see what's out there, it paid for itself in a different sense for my friend.
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  17. One word Claymores. Boom! no more theives no more evidence.
  18. yeah - and no more deer either............
  19. Happened To Me Too But They Took The Whole Treestand. I Asked The Owner Who Else Was There And He Said A Couple Of Teens Hunting. I Found Names And Called Parents And Called Their Bluff By Saying I Know They Stole It. 2 Hrs Later I Got A Call From A Dad Saying He Has My Stand And Begged Me Not To Press Charges. I Went To Retrieve It And Noticed The Kids Gave It An Awesome Camo Job. I Didnt Press Charges And Got A Great Looking Stand To Boot.
  20. I had one stand stolen, which was enough for me. I actually had stolen while I was tracking a shot deer. I left that stand for an entire 30minutes. I walked back, saw the ladder and no stand.:mad: I was being watched-kinda unnerving for a female hunter. It's climbers for me anymore and a CCW permit with heat included:p