Went to the circus today.

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  1. Went out fishing today and it turned out to be a circus. Only I was the center ring act. I did pretty good fishing. I would say it was the best day in my life as far a numbers of big fish. I had doubles twice, I was only able to land 1 out of the 4 fish total of the doubles. At one point I had a nice fish on and my second pole went screaming while I was fighting the first fish. I ran an grabbed the second pole and the fish was on and felt bigger and nicer than the 1 I already had on. I was fishing by myself and did not have a net. Was not sure of what I should do. So I had 1 pole between my legs and I was fighting the other fish at the same time. I would alternate between the poles. If someone would have had a camera they could have made a lot of money with that video. Ended up breaking the line on one and landed a 13lber on the other. All together I caught 2 5lb fish, 1 seven pounder that was humped in the back, 1 8lber, a 13lber, 13 1/2 lber, a 17lb , a 20 lber, and a 22lber. I broke the biggest fish that I had caught this year record, 3 times in 1 outing. I lost way too many. I was using 25lb test and am probably going to get a leader of 40lb to keep from cutting my line on the rocks. It was poring down rain and windy as could be. The more it rained and the harder the wind blew the more the fish moved it and the better the fishing. I would guess that I lost 3 that were in the 20lb plus range. I would be willing to bet my truck on it. Saw at least 1 roll that was 50% taller than my biggest landed. I would guess that It would be a 30lb + fish easy. There have been fish caught in this area of 30lbs or more so I know that is not too much of a stretch. I will have pictures soon. I just developed my film from last weekend and most of my pictures turned out well. I had someone take a picture of my largest so hopefully it will turn out ok. I am going to scan in last weekends pictures on monday.

    Today was a great day to catch fish. It looked terrible though if you were inside looking out.

    Marc :)
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    Dude You are my HERO!!!!! Man I wish I could have been there for all of that action. Can't wait to see your pics. Only one thing though....DIGITAL CAMERA TIME!!!! LOL I will for sure be there this week, I might have to just take part of the week off. lol Nice job!!

  3. Great job, Marc! You're starting to make me jealous, though...told you this river fishing was easy stuff once you got the hang of it :D . Well...I guess it has it's own challenges, but I sure wouldn't mind having to worry about fighting doubles all day long. I don't see how you do it without a net, though??? Can't wait to see some pics...
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    Good to hear Marc, i told ya to stick to the rivers and you'd catch til you were tired..lol. as CW said its EASY and anyone can do it....LOL.

    We also had an amazing week on the river...just shy of 100 carp total between 3 of us...almost 50 today alone between 2 of us. Better hurry and hit them now...it wont be too much longer til they are in spawn and the bite slows way down til thier done.

    Good luck,

  5. I had to get in the water to land the fish with out a net. push them up against the shallows and pick them up as quickly as possible. Sounds like you guys are really doing well with the fish scott. I would definitely say you are right. Guys get out there and fish they are real active.
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    Good deal Marc !! Nice hearing from you again and really nice to see you getting out.... THE CATKING !!!
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    marc.. you are killin me.. :D
    i hear ya on those rocks..they are naaastyyyy.. :)
  8. I'm heading for the Ohio River in Indiana in search of big carp. Let's hope that I finally have a big day.