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went to eastfork shad every where

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by lark101_1999, Sep 12, 2004.

  1. :eek: i have never seen so much bait it's all 1 to 6 inches long need to get a train load of big cats out there to help with the infestation :D
  2. I was there saturday.I usually see them everywhere.I didnt see as many as I usually do though.I saw a bunch of 3'' bass everywhere.Caught one on a roostertail.Also caught about 6 or 7 strippers and a few sunfish.Then my 20 hp motor broke.No fun after that.

  3. go after dark hold a spot light over the side of the boat count to a trillion than start over lol
  4. I usualy go back in the coves and they are all over there.
  5. Can you imagine what this lake would be like without the hybrids? You would be able to walk accoss that lake on the backs of the shad. Hey lark, I'm with you. I say lets pump a couple million flats and blues in there. That'd teach em.
  6. i also fished eastfork saturday night, over by the campers beach back in the river just a bit, and the shad were everywhere, also noticed alot of bugs or small flies all over the surface of the water, anyone know what those were, only managed one small channel, least it was a nice night
  7. I fished Knox Lake a week ago and it was flooded with the shad. I tried a lot of presentations but could not find anything that would work. I am curious to know what guys do to try to catch fish in situations like this when there is simply too much food in the lake for the fish to care what we have?
  8. Up until last year when all the big stripers got caught up river I fished East fork every 2 weeks usually on a Friday, most of my fish come from trolling bucktail jigs with 2 - 3 inch sassy shad tails that match the size of the shad off the main beach. This method never fails.
  9. Stampede

    Stampede The Fish Feeder

    are these shad catchable with a cast net?How about a minnow trap hung over the side of the boat.Are they good for cats?
  10. Stampede yes u can cast net them best if u have a boat less waiting for them to come to u