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Went to an auction and .......

Discussion in 'Guns and Ammo' started by Dovans, Feb 22, 2016.

  1. Had to have it...

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  2. cast4life

    cast4life cast4life

    Nice looking piece you found there.

  3. Saugeye Tom

    Saugeye Tom River Pilgrim & Sojourner

    I need a snake if you hear about one...let me know..I be getting a little bit jealous of you
  4. Whew... for some reason have gone through the roof...
  5. nice find. congrats.
  6. Saugeye Tom

    Saugeye Tom River Pilgrim & Sojourner

    Yeah, 3k around here....not ready to take that plunge
  7. VERY nice pickup.

    357 or 38?
  8. .357
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  9. I'm shopping around for a 686 or maybe a GP100 in 357 myself right now. Prices are through the roof on 'em, for what you can buy new.
  10. Whats that guy like at ahhh BT Shooting supply's or something like that... On Rte 42 just outside of middleburg hieghts.. I think hes by Bagley and Pearl...Went by his shop few months ago while visiting my mom in Mustang country
  11. I know the place and have been there a few times. Pretty over-priced on used and new, IMHO.
  12. That is a nice looking gun.
  13. buckeyebowman

    buckeyebowman On the back 9 and loving it!

    Sweet! What's that grip made of?
  14. I am not sure.
  15. Drm50


    Very nice revolver, you can't go wrong with a S&W, for use or for investment. The cost of producing a revolver
    vs semi- autos is going to run them off the market.
  16. Is it true what they say about auctions that everything gets bid up through the roof?
  17. Not always. I have seen some deals, but not likely your going to find one at an auction. Last couple I went to, prices were reasonable. Long guns like 45-70's,45 long, 357, 44's bring top dollar. The firearm in this thread I bought for two - three hundred under retail. (about...)
  18. Nightcrawler666

    Nightcrawler666 Fish, Fish, Fish

    Neighboring township is auctioning off a gp100 in 357 now. Just called my buddy to try and get some tickets before the drawing. Mmmmmm they're purdy.
  19. Good luck on that. Hard to find a GP100 around me for sale used, and they sell for almost NEW prices when they do come up.
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