Wellington upground today.

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    I'll be hitting Wellington Upper with my dad today. White Taurus, gray Shappel shanty. Stop by if you're out and say hi.
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    I'll post results when we return.

    (I had to add this, I was at 1,499 posts!:p)

  3. Sam..... definetly let me know how you did today... I am planning on hitting wellington tomorrow (tuesday) afternoon-evening if I can find someone to tag along...
  4. Going to Willard Tuesday morning. Then we'll be setting up shop at Wellington around 4 and closing shop around 11. Slow bite yesterday at Wellington, even when the sun went down the ones that bit were small and the bite was lite. The pressure was way up yesterday, the shallow fish were almost extinct. The deep fish barely bit. Pressure is still high and wondering how WBAW did.

    Glow jigs with wax worms, and buckshot's and minnows have been best.
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    Didn't have minnows today, but it didn't matter. Fished from 9:30 until after 2. Very few fish to speak of. Highlight of the day was a big pike in front of the camera for a few seconds. I'm gonna shoot for Willard in the morning as well, but may not be able to get out there until after 9 or so.
  6. fished Wellington for the first time today. caught one small crappie. met wannabitawerm. thanks for all your help. might try Willard tomorrow, also. Krusty..............where they at? lol:B
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    I'll call you in the morning if I can go. I may not have the time to make it out and back. Have to wait for the wife to get back, about 8:30 or 9, and be back by 2 pm to pick up my nephew. Its about a 45 min to an hour drive for me, so 3 hours may not be worth the trip.
  8. Tear em up boys.
    I be joining ya's Thursday Morning if my work goes as planned.
  9. what the heck.. I might at well try willard in the morning also:B I will be driving a red dodge ram with ogf sticker on it and I will have a black tent style shanty.. I will be trying frozen shiners at willard and stop at the bait store in wellington for live minnies for the evening bite at wellington...
  10. Was also at Wellington this afternoon. From 2 till about 7. Very slow. A few dink crappies on glow jigs and waxies.
    Thinking about going to New London tomorrow afternoon. Try to find an evening walleye bite. Haven't been there yet this year.
  11. Good luck guys...I'll be back home this weekend looking to get out.
  12. Wes


  13. Rob... I am planning on making a voyage on my lake this wekend with all of the ice to try and find the crappie.. I will talk a guy on the other end of the lake to park and save a mile walk.... they have to be here somewhere!!!! you in?
  14. wess... I wouldnt even icefish for panfish without a spring bobber... I like the flat steel springs.. I fell in love with them when the smelt I was catching a few years ago were triggering it... I dont know how they compare but I am always looking for something better...
  15. Scott...sounds good to me. Any idea on the ice thickness over in the deeper end? I think I've still got some frozen shiners at home...I could always stop for some live chubs as well. What time of day are you thinking starting? Seems like most folks have had more sucess with crappies just before and after sunset.

    I just tried calling your house phone, but it just kept ringing.
  16. Call about those minnows first at Chet and Fran's. I sold them out yesterday on a 4 dozen count. They mentioned Thursday as being the re-stock day. If those crappie are on, you'll be able to do well without the chubs. Glow jigs and maggots, they haven't been eating the ants or flies as well, and maggots are only taking a few for us.

    I traveled Wellington yesterday and 90% of the ice is over 7inches. Some spots being 10-12. I also checked the deeper end or the North end with same results.

    Willard tomorrow, but I'm optimistic about the bite. Will be searching for the deep holes then working shallow. Haven't seen any reports so maybe that's a good thing.
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    I saw you traveling up the west side to the north end. I wondered who that was. I'll be off the north end of Willard this morning by the pump house.
  18. Was that you just starting to drill holes at Upper yesterday when I strolled onto the ice with my dog. Can't hardly recognize anyone when they are dressed for the cold.
  19. dang, i wish i had known that was you, Shortdrift. your dog came right by my shanty. i was about 50' from wannabitawerm.
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    I heard you call your dog. I was in the shappell in the corner. I wish I would've known. We moved west about noon or so. I think you saw my buddy Mike. He moved shallow to see if the bite was better shallow. Real slow.

    P.S. Ask mach1cj how Willard was this morning. :)