Wellington upground sunday

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  1. thinking of going to the upground sunday morn. any one been out lately?

    bass,crappie, perch?
  2. was there for a bass tourny 2 weeks ago. the bass were biting good. spinnerbaits, worms, jigs, cranks, rattletraps, flippin they were hittin everything. i heard the crappies were hitting good on minnows.

  3. :B Is there any shore fishing at Wellington Upground ?
  4. Wannabitawerm

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    Yup, the after dark bite for crappies can be phenominal. Minnows under a float.
  5. Flyfish Dog

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    Glad to see it doing good. I lived right down the road from before I moved WV. Caught a nice 24 inch bass there on a spinnerbait. Is the lower reservoir still muddy?
  6. tomb

    tomb Tom B.

    Muddy? Is it ever not muddy?
  7. joe01

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    lol :) good answer
  8. hey now dont bash the low ground res. i think its starting to clear up some, visibility is about 4 inches these days :)
  9. Are you permitted to fish there all night? Is alcohol allowed? I only fished there once a couple years ago and I don't remember their regulations.
  10. Wannabitawerm

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    No alchohol but they'll let you fish all night.
  11. Do they still lock the gate near the end of the road overnight? When I used to spend nights there fishing (long time ago), the officer would tell us that they were going to lock the gate so we could move our car to the outer side of it in case we gave up early or had to leave.

    Was a blast fishing there at night. Decent topwater bass bite, big crappies, nice channel cats. Even hooked a huge pike on a black jitterbug - didn't have a net to get it past the rocks.

    I don't think they allow boats overnight. We always fished from shore.
  12. if they allowed boats after dark... that would be my new home for bass fishing. the place is awesome in the day time but at night... WOW
  13. Wannabitawerm

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    Last I heard, they will let you boat at night. I think they lifted the restrictions this year. I've seen several guys recently out well after dark.

  14. Can you provide directions to Wellington? How far is it from Salem...

  15. Flyfish Dog

    Flyfish Dog Banned

    It didnt used to be muddy, at times when it was just stained the bass fishing was great IMO.
    Basscrazy, it is the road just south of Wellington off Rt. 58. If you head north on 58 toward Wellington you will see the housing Development on your left. Turn left on that road and go just past the houses til you you see the overhead sign, turn right to the lake(Upper) or stay straight to go to the lower. Cant miss it.
  16. Wannabitawerm

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    Jones Road. They've built a new nature center next to the lower.
  17. anyone check out the nature center yet? havent had a chance to go in yet
  18. bassmanmark

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    You are correct you can fish there 24-7 now. The police just come out and check on it all night. I personally think that bass fishing has started to fall off the last year or so. About 3yrs ago it was better than it is now. And it isn't even that close to as good. I think Rest Haven has passed it as an easier place to catch bass. And actually the Rest Haven bass are starting to get good size on them in Pond 8 finally. Wellington is starting to get too much pressure on it and is really getting to be a place for better fisherman to catch the amount that anyone could catch a few years back. Still a fun place to fish but too many people on there this last year. Good place for crappie and gills though and a few pike as well. That lower res. is awful. Peace out.