Wellington Upground info

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by 1MoreKast, May 22, 2008.

  1. Hey guys, anybody have a clue what's hot at Wellington right now? Updates? Info? Headin up there Sunday probably.
  2. only gaurantees for your trip would be bugs. :p

  3. damn. I'm assuming it's too early for Wellington, usually the peak bite is in july/august but, I figured maybe someone out there is catchin fish.
  4. To early for wellington :eek: Early to me is February!!! Try a jerkbait when the water is 38.. ;)

    If bass is what your after, then now is a good time to be on the water. As far as peak time in July-August I'm curious on what species your talking.

    Bass are hitting blades and traps on wind beat banks. Males are up shallow before the first drop. Cover water until you get bit, slow down and work the area. Anywhere on the lake can produce now, been catching them as far down as 26 ft. Work plastics in deeper water- c-rig, d-shot. t-rig all work well. Dark colors in the clouds, light colors in the sun. Never hurts to dye a tail early on, and lastly, keep those traps burning the upper water column. Good luck...
  5. thanks for the info smallie... I'm going to head there myself soon. should be fun! never been there.