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  1. I fished wellington Tuesday morning. Water temp was 55 and the winds from the SSE at 8-16. I caught 9 crappies 9 inches plus and two 12 - 14" bass on minnows under a float and drifting a crappie rig following the south shore. I marked most fish just a few feet off shore in 6 to 10 feet of water. I was surprised how quick the depth drops off here. I had most luck in the SW corner by that raised walkway thing which I wasn't sure what the hell it was. They shut off in the early afternoon, but all in all I had a good time there, and I never would have heard of this place if not for OGF!
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    Thanks for the posting that info. I might be going out to Wellington this weekend. Years ago I used to catch northern pike there. During the warmer months I catch some nice channel catfish along the south bank during daylight hours. Today I'm heading out to Oberlin upground reservoir for walleye, yellow perch, and catfish...whatever I can get to take my bait.

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    Oberlin has been a dissapointment for a while. Some days are awesome, most are unproductive. Wellington gets better the warmer and darker it gets. I'll be out on the east side tonight for some crappie.
  4. I've seen some posts in the past about wellington as far as boating after dark. Some guys seemed to think that you could be on the lake after dark, yet the ramp had signs posted saying the opposite. I was wondering if anybody had some more input on that.
  5. Two weeks ago I asked an officer of the wellington P.D. that was there as I
    was leaving about night fishing. He stated to me that he thought the sign
    was to come down. He actually said he thought it was down at first. I told
    him I was going to try and get into some night fishing in the future. All he said was it should be fine and to have fun.

    EDIT: actually just put a call int the wellington P.D.to get clarification.7:11 P.M. 4/22/08
    Dispatcher will ask and have someone call me back... will update if I hear anything.

    Received call back from the Wellington P.D. What I was told was that they are ok with you fishing
    at night... They at this time are not enforcing no fishing at night. stated that until the village
    officials say no FISHING at night. Have a ball.

    So as long as people use their heads and are not stupid it's game on....4/28/08 8:28 PM
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    Fished last night until about midnight. Some decent crappie and a bonus 16 to 18" pike.
  7. thanks for the info steve, thats good to know. That place is probably awesome at night.
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    gin clear with 3 olive's, wanna and flip i'll send u both a pm
  10. sorry joe got the pm before i read this post:p i was wondering if you had the wrong person...lol :p must be lack of beer affecting the brain:confused: