Wellington upground 2-19-08

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  1. Wannabitawerm

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    Punched holes out to 23 fow straight north or the launch. 5 to 6 inches of ice. Started at 6:30, fished until 10. Ice was makin' noise and the holes were freezing inside the shanty. About 9, got into some nice crappie, ended up with a little over a dozen keepers (10 to 12 inches). Hopefully Willard will be ready by this weekend.
  2. Awesome deal Sam- thanks for the post, way to get em.

  3. neocats1

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    Congrats on the fish. Time to try for some catfish again.
  4. tomb

    tomb Tom B.

    Glad to hear it. That settles my plans for Sunday. Thanks for the post. Ever able to pattern those crappies during the daytime?
  5. Nice news Sam.
    You got the nac for them upground Crappies man.
    You gonna be out Friday Morning?
  6. Wannabitawerm

    Wannabitawerm Flatulent Entreprenuer

    I'm gonna head out tonight (thurs) hopefully around 5:30. Gotta work friday but hope to hit willard saturday or sunday.

    I have never really caught the crappie during daylight out there. Always more towards morning or evening. The after dark bite seems to get 'em going but I've found a light on the ice helps as well as glow jigs. Caught a few on waxies but most on maggots. May bring some small minnies to try tonight. You'll see my white taurus with the ogf sticker on the bumper. I'll have my shanty out there too. Gonna try to bring a 12 volt light to place on the ice outside the shanty to see if it helps .
  7. Werm... give me a call this week-end....
  8. Wannabitawerm

    Wannabitawerm Flatulent Entreprenuer

    Got some nice crappie and bass in the same spot. All caught on minnows after dark. 23 fow, 2 to 5 feet off bottom.

    Stosh, will do. If you don't hear from me, call me. I'm goin out somewhere this weekend, (Probably Wellington) and will be at Wellington monday at sunrise.
  9. tomb

    tomb Tom B.

    I was afraid of you're response on the evening bite. I'll be out there late Sunday morning anyway.
  10. I might head out there as well Sunday morning. Where can I find bait in that area? I remember that a shop is south of there on 58, but don't know if they are still there or when they open.
  11. there is mumfords sort of by spencer on rt 83. i personally never had luck fishing wellington. nice to hear there are fish in there. do they stock walleye in there? ih eard they did a while back. i might give it a try there or at spencer on sun. have gotten nice crappies from spencer. gonna hit skeeter once more tomorrow.
  12. good luck stopping at Mumfords in Litchfield.
    The last 4 times I was there, the OPEN sign was on but nobody there.
    All locked up tight as a drum.
  13. Any info on IL ice thickness today?
  14. PapawSmith

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    If you stop at Mumfords and the "OPEN" sign is on but the door is locked, most times she is in the house in front watching for customers. She is a little old and a little slow moving but most times she will get there. She is a very nice lady trying to continue her deceased husbands business because the hunting and fishing business was his passion. He used to run a great shop. She's just trying to keep it alive and I give her all the business I can. She will quite often open off hours to sell you what you need if you happen to drive in and she sees you.
  15. tomb

    tomb Tom B.

    We buy our shiners and minnows at Chet & Fran's on 58 south of wellington. It's a couple miles down the road on the right hand side. It's one of the most well stocked mom and pop shops I've ever been in. Her shiners are very well priced too.
  16. backagainbaha

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  17. Wannabitawerm

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    The small minnows worked the best for me. I was out Saturday from 7am until about 2pm. LOTS of bass thru the ice. Gonna head out tomorrow pretty much all day with a few hour break around 1 or so. Back at dusk for the night bite. Anyone who is heading out there monday, give me a ring, my phone will be on all day. 440-864-0912

    Chet and Fran's, (Marathon station),just south of 162 on route 58 on the right hand side (Heading south). Open all year and great place. They've got just about everything you can think of tucked away in that little shop.