Wellington Uper saturdat afternoon /Night

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  1. 5 inches thick on the southeast side. About 8 inches of snow on it.
    A lot of shanty's out there for this time of year.
    I was fishin with lilRob. Had Wannabitaworm in a shanty next 2 me + rob.
    Came off at 8 PM with 40 Crappies, 2 Nice Gills and a 12 inch yellow perch.
    Threw quite a few of them back.
    Crappies really got to going after sun down on the glow jigs maggots, waxies.
    Avg. size on the Crappies was 9-10 inches with 3 at 11 1/2.
    Wannabit lost a nice Pike at the hole as soon as I got there.
  2. bttmline

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    Where is wellington???

  3. Wannabitawerm

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    South of Oberlin, north of ashland. Route 58 to jones rd. West on jones, (Left if coming north, right if south) about 1 mile on the right hand side. Driveway has a sign over the entrance. Ended today with about a dozen and a half keepers. Ran out of heat again.
  4. Bassy

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    just make sure you park at the bottom of the hill, I donated a 10 spot to the city of wellington last year for parking up by the ramp LOL :p
  5. Wannabitawerm

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    You too, huh? I had an excuse. The lot wasn't plowed and there was about 10 cars up top. I just happen to be the last one of the group to move my car. Oh well, lesson learned.