Wellington night bite?

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  1. The last few times I went to Wellington I noticed quite a few people showing up at dark with lanterns. What is biting at night that draws so many people? They must be productive or they would quit. And unrelated but I have been told for 25 years that there are pike in there but never once seen one. Does anyone have proof?
  2. Crappie is what they are likely after in the dark.
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  3. Sometimes they turn on at sunset and bite well into the early evening...not just the crappies...and not just at this lake.

    I got a 25" pike on a pimple two Saturdays ago when that little thaw happened with the rain falling.

    Was told by a Wellington police officer that the park closes at 9 pm??? The sign at the entrance to the parking lot says 10 pm I think?? Just letting all know.
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  4. Thanks. You would think there wouldn't be so many dink perch if pike were there to thin them out. I guess I'll plan to stay later next time.
  5. Speaking of dink perch, I had a dink party today. Got 50-60 1.5"-4" perch today.
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  6. It's better than no action at first then that gets old quick. Hopefully you got some keepers.
  7. Me and Lil Rob's catch about two weeks ago....I was skeptical as well hearing about the pike but their it is....hope to get out friday

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  8. "Smaller pike are a 'little different'-but every bit as good on the table as walleye or perch!"-Doug Stange
    I've tried them and I agree completely!
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  9. I hooked into one last spring but didn't land it. First one in quite a few years. Seen them from time to time on the camera. My son iced one two weeks ago but released her. Wellington rez is definitely my favorite local lake. With all the small perch I've been getting this year, I'll bet that we could have as good of perch fishing as Bressler or Ferguson.
  10. I was out there this past Saturday. It was slow for a buddy and me I just caught one nice gill he pulled a couple really nice bass..
  11. Got to keep bouncing around until you find them. Yesterday I stayed in one general area but moved about 20'-25' five different times.
  12. That pike had a 3" bluegill in it stomach.
  13. No perch? If not it would really surprise me.
  14. Nope...just the gill...got it on a pimple and waxie
  15. Wow.....I try to fish the Upground at least once a month in the Summer and have never seen any pike in there. Very cool!

    Think there is a naturally breeding population in there or were those planted?

    The Up has some of the clearest water you'll come across. But when the wind picks up, look out.
  16. My dad and I both caught a pike back in 2005 long-lining Hot-n-Tots...both fish were about the size of the one this year.
  17. All these reports of pike probably are going to make my wife mad. Now I'm going to spend most of my free time there trying to get one.
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  18. Is it really "free" time when you have to face the wife when you return home?
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  19. Ok so this is hearsay..this old timer told my buddy that back years ago when there were pike in Findlay state park...him and his brother caught a bucket full of small hammer handles and took them over to the freshly filled reservoir and through them in....also said they used to ride dirt bikes down through the whole thing during construction...and there's no info of stocking any pike....and if it was that long ago....they must be reproducing in some number...meaning there might be a few giants out there....but it's hearsay....could also be natural... because of birds...ducks geese...herrons....they walk in shoreline areas where fish eggs are and they stick to there feet being transported from one body of water to the next in close proximity...the state park and the up ground ...
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  20. FWIW, there were definitely Pike in Findlay. Work with a guy who grew up in Avon and used to catch them there....about thirty years ago. Wouldn't take much to move them.
    Any one here ever catch Walleye in the Upground?