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  1. Well I got my ice fishin package from Fish Usa today and was not pleased at all. First the cover for the blades on the auger was broke, second the top handle part was cracked at the plastic weld, third the top eye on the rod was not glued and just stuck on and the reel had at least ten pound test on it and lastly the little tacke box that held the bobbers and jigs was busted at the hinges. Well to make a long story short I e mailed Fish Usa and told them about the conditions and they were out of the package deals for the season so they took the whole bill off my credit card. All the stuff that was broke I modified so its all good to use so look out fishies tomorrow...............Rich
  2. DaleM

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    Don't know for sure, but I'd bet whom ever they shipped with may have caused the damage. I've never had that happen to me. Glad they resolved it though. Enjoy the ice!!

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    I have to agree with Dale, I just checked my order record with Fish USA, and I've had 17 orders over 3 and 1/2 yrs with never a problem. Glad they made it right with you and you were able to make things work!!
  4. I'm sure also thats what happened , it was the OOPs guy Oh I mean the UPS guy. Due to how it was packaged and all the parts that were cracked were on the bootom of the box. I have heard goods things also about this company and the way they resolved this deal I would deal with them again......Rich